• Kristin Schwain, Josephine...
    This book unfolds a history of American basketry, from it...
    From £21.47
    Save £13.52
  • African Textiles (Hardback)
    Duncan Clarke
    his book offers a fascinating journey through the history...
    From £32.44
    Save £22.56
  • The Fabric of India (Hardback)
    Rosemary Crill
    Published to accompany the V&A's major autumn exhibition,...
    From £21.88
    Save £13.12
  • Surface Design for Fabric (Multiple copy pack)
    Kimberly Irwin
    Surface Design for Fabric is a comprehensive, how-to guid...
    From £45.94
    Save £16.06
  • Leanne Prain
    Strange Material investigates how, through the act of wea...
    From £13.61
    Save £7.38
  • Clothing the Clergy (Paperback)
    Maureen C. Miller
    From £25.37
    Save £9.13
  • Colouring the Nation (Paperback)
    Stana Nenadic, Sally Tuckett
    A history of Turkey red, a dyeing process that produced a...
    From £14.18
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  • Susan Kay-Williams
    This book is an introduction to a broad, diverse and fasc...
    From £14.38
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  • Textiles (Hardback)
    Mary Schoeser
    Comprises more than 1,000 images that highlight the beaut...
    From £39.25
    Save £25.75
  • Julia Triston, Rachel Lom...
    A book to help beginner textile artists develop their own...
    From £12.56
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  • Cynthia Fowler
    In the early twentieth century, Marguerite Zorach and Geo...
    From £60.97
    Save £24.03
  • Lise Bender Jorgensen, Joa...
    This book explores the nature of creativity in the Europe...
    From £59.31
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  • Aspects (Hardback)
    Edward A. Vazquez
    Stretching lengths of yarn across interior spaces, Americ...
    From £26.02
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  • Antoine De Moor, Cacilia ...
    A richly illustrated overview of the current-day knowledg...
    From £77.39
    Save £72.61
  • Why Leather? (Hardback)
    Susanna Harris, Andre J. ...
    From £82.23
    Save £17.77
  • Pashmina (Hardback)
    Janet Rizvi, Monisha Ahmed
    This updated edition documents a decade's developments in...
    From £31.07
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  • Embroidery and Lace (Hardback)
    Angela Volker, Christoph ...
    The publication offers an overview of the design and prod...
    From £19.39
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  • Fahmida Suleman
    A beautifully illustrated exploration of the textile trad...
    From £18.44
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