• Feral (Paperback)
    George Monbiot
    How many of us sometimes feel that we are scratching at t...
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    Save £1.37
  • Father and Daughter (Paperback)
    Ann Oakley
    Father and daughter provides an unique `insider perspecti...
    From £10.41
    Save £4.58
  • Paulo Freire, Myra Bergman...
    Argues that the ignorance and lethargy of the poor are th...
  • Reni Eddo-Lodge
    The book that sparked a national conversation.
    From £6.56
    Save £2.43
  • Reimagining Britain (Hardback)
    Justin Welby
    The thesis is that the work of reimagining is as great as...
    From £11.83
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  • Breaking Point (Paperback)
    Gary Gibbon
    In July 2016 David Cameron rolled the dice on Britain's 4...
    From £5.15
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  • Helen Russell
    Denmark is officially the happiest nation on Earth, so wh...
    From £6.68
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  • The Shepherd's Life (Hardback)
    James Rebanks
    Some people's lives are entirely their own creations.
  • Helen Russell
    Denmark is officially the happiest nation on Earth, so wh...
  • 1960s Britain (15) (Paperback)
    Susan Cohen
    The 1960s was a defining decade for Great Britain.
    From £6.26
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  • Bit by Bit (Hardback)
    Matthew J. Salganik
    An innovative and accessible guide to doing social resear...
    From £32.18
  • The Truth Matters (Paperback)
    Bruce Bartlett
    From £5.13
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  • Karla Perez Portilla
    This book examines the harm that everyday discrimination ...
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  • Stephen Greenblatt
    Selected as a book of the year 2017 by The Times and Sund...
    From £16.96
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  • Jasmine Desclaux-Salachas
    Cartographics is a stunning collection of maps designed i...
    From £15.86
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  • Desmond De Silva
    This is the fascinating story of Desmond de Silva's life ...
    From £15.67
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  • The Mile End Murder (Hardback)
    Sinclair McKay
    In 1860, a 70 year old widow turned landlady named Mary E...
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  • Man vs Money (Paperback)
    Stewart Cowley
    Man vs Money explains the complexities of the economics o...
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