• Children in Society (Paperback)
    Pam Foley, Jeremy Roche, ...
    This reader provides a critical account of the theoretica...
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    Save £7.56
  • The Story of Baby P (Paperback)
    Ray Jones
    This book is the first to tell what happened to 'Baby P',...
    From £14.65
    Save £0.34
  • Learning from Baby P (Paperback)
    Sharon Shoesmith
    Sharon Shoesmith examines what can be learnt from the tra...
    From £12.75
    Save £3.24
  • Joanne Warner
    This book introduces the concept of emotional politics.
    From £15.19
    Save £7.80
  • Simon Danczuk, Matthew Baker
    Smile for the Camera is the devastating expose of the man...
  • Audrey Tait, Helen Wosu, ...
    The ability to build a trusting relationship is essential...
    From £14.75
    Save £2.24
  • Click Click (Paperback)
    Joyce Kavanagh, June Kava...
    A true story of abuse.
    From £5.98
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  • Child Protection (Paperback)
    Chris Beckett
    Offers an introduction to, and critical analysis of, the ...
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  • Child Neglect (Paperback)
    Jan Horwath
  • Christiane Sanderson
    This updated and expanded edition provides comprehensive ...
    From £22.60
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  • Just Another Kid (Paperback)
    Torey L. Hayden
    A dramatic and remarkable narrative of an extraordinary t...
    From £8.38
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  • Dave Merrick
    Of interest to students and professionals, this work disc...
    From £25.87
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  • Just a Boy (Paperback)
    Richard McCann
    One October night in 1975, Richard, aged five, was alone ...
    From £5.98
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  • Alice Miller
    Miller believes that violence and crime in society have t...
    From £7.09
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  • William L. Fibkins
    This book seeks to educate principals, counselors, teache...
    From £30.64
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  • Michael Visontay, Manny Waks
    'Who gave you permission to speak to anybody?' Rabbi Tels...
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  • Nobody's Child (Paperback)
    Michael Seed
    > 'Sometimes today I still cry for the lonely, frightene...
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  • Secret Slave (Paperback)
    Anna Ruston
    You're not going home.
    From £7.08
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