Textile artworks: tapestries, hangings & quilts

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  • Amish Quilts (Hardback)
    Janneken Smucker
    By thoroughly examining all of these aspects, Amish Quilt...
  • The Bayeux Tapestry (Hardback)
    Lucien Musset, Richard Rex
    A leading authority on the Bayeux Tapestry examines the w...
    From £17.58
    Save £7.42
  • The Bayeux Tapestry (Paperback)
    Dan Terkla, Gale R. Owen-...
    The Bayeux Tapestry, perhaps the most famous, yet enigmat...
    From £34.49
    Save £5.51
  • James Harper, Marlene Eid...
    The featured tapestries were once displayed at St Peter's...
    From £20.78
    Save £14.22
  • Teri Klassen
    Prior to the 1960s, quiltmaking thrived in the cotton-ric...
    From £26.31
    Save £5.19
  • Lorraine Karafel
    Around 1515, Raphael (1483-1520) designed a set of tapest...
    From £32.31
    Save £12.69
  • Marsha Macdowell, Carolyn ...
    From £17.46
    Save £7.53
  • Welsh Quilts (Paperback)
    Jen Jones
    From £8.55
    Save £4.44
  • Monika Fioreschy (Hardback)
    Bazon Brock
    Paper is the main medium used in the new cycles of works ...
    From £19.60
    Save £12.40
  • William Morris, Mhairi Mu...
    Taking nature as his inspiration, William Morris created ...
    From £7.77
    Save £2.22
  • Kanga Collection (Paperback)
    Chieko Orimoto
    From £13.04
    Save £1.96
  • To be is to Weave (Paperback)
    Chiara Gatti
    From £14.07
    Save £4.88
  • Anna L. Dallapiccola
    The V&A has the world's most important collection of nine...
    From £27.68
    Save £7.32
  • Elizabeth V. Warren, Marga...
    This significant catalog is a highly detailed look at the...
    From £37.96
    Save £22.04
  • The Bayeux Tapestry (Paperback)
    Mrs Sylvette Lemagnen
    The Bayeux Tapestry, a truly unique masterpiece, is in fa...
    From £16.04
    Save £10.81
  • The Bayeux Tapestry (Hardback)
    John F. Szabo, Nicholas E....
    With over 1780 entries, Szabo and Kuefler offer the large...
    From £71.39
    Save £23.61
  • American Quilts (Hardback)
    Robert Shaw
    From £16.35
    Save £8.65
  • Carol K. Russell
    Tapestries from 40 top international artists representing...
    From £17.84
    Save £11.15