Sexual abuse & harassment

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  • Thaddeus Birchard, Joanna ...
    The concept of sexual addiction has gained increasing rec...
    From £115.58
    Save £34.42
  • Doris Buss, Joanne Lebert...
    This book brings together a unique blend of researchers, ...
    From £29.71
    Save £7.28
  • Paul Gambaccini
    Love, Paul Gambaccini is a first person account of the wi...
    From £11.48
    Save £8.52
  • Radical Feminism (Paperback)
    Finn Mackay
    Feminism is not dead.
    From £12.77
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  • Simon Danczuk, Matthew Baker
    Smile for the Camera is the devastating expose of the man...
  • A Call to Action (Hardback)
    The world's discrimination and violence against women and...
  • Rekindling Desire (Paperback)
    Barry McCarthy, Emily J. ...
    For over a decade Rekindling Desire has helped to restore...
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  • Gina Ogden
    Winner of the 2014 AASECT Professional Book Award!
    From £24.38
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  • Christiane Sanderson
    This updated and expanded edition provides comprehensive ...
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  • Michael R. Kauth, Jillian ...
    Adult Transgender Care offers a comprehensive approach to...
    From £31.23
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  • Michael R. Kauth, Jillian ...
    Adult Transgender Care provides an overview of transgende...
    From £80.61
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  • Be Fierce (Hardback)
    Gretchen Carlson
    When Gretchen Carlson made a life changing decision to "w...
    From £15.47
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  • Helen Matthews
    Odeta's life has shrunk to a daily round of drudgery, run...
    From £7.12
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  • The Faith and Order Commission
    This theological and pastoral resource addresses specific...
    From £9.22
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  • David Friend
    THE NAUGHTY NINETIES is the first sexual history of the d...
    From £20.33
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  • Crash Override (Hardback)
    Zoe Quinn
    From the woman at the center of the Gamergate controversy...
    From £13.43
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  • Hunting Girls (Paperback)
    Kelly Oliver
    Kelly Oliver examines popular culture's fixation on repre...
    From £19.43
  • Please, Let Me Go (Paperback)
    Caitlin Spencer
    Please, Let Me Go tells the shocking true story of Caitli...
    From £4.94
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