Drug & substance abuse: social aspects

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  • Rob Chapman
    Explores the history, precedents and cultural impact of L...
    From £18.00
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  • Blitzed (Hardback)
    Norman Ohler, Shaun White...
    'The most brilliant and fascinating book I have read in m...
    From £14.04
    Save £5.96
  • Chasing the Scream (Hardback)
    Johann Hari
    It is now 100 years since drugs were first banned.
  • Anthony Goodman
    A complete introduction to working with addictions.
    From £15.19
    Save £6.80
  • Legalize (Paperback)
    Max Rendall
  • World Wide Weed (Hardback)
    Tom Decorte, Gary W. Pott...
    For the majority of its history, the cultivation of canna...
    From £73.06
    Save £21.94
  • Drugs in Britain (Paperback)
    Mark Simpson, Tracy Shild...
  • Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ria...
    From £10.42
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  • Illicit Drugs (Paperback)
    Adrian Barton
    Illuminates the complex nature and broad impact illicit d...
    From £25.12
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  • Mr Nice (Paperback)
    Howard Marks
    During the mid 1980s Howard Marks had forty three aliases...
    From £8.95
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  • The Primal Wound (Paperback)
    John Firman, Ann Gila
    From £22.05
    Save £4.70
  • Diane Hammersley
    Describing the uses and limitations of psychotropic drugs...
    From £22.01
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  • Governing Habits (Hardback)
    Eugene Raikhel
    From £85.40
  • Governing Habits (Paperback)
    Eugene Raikhel
    From £17.11
    Save £0.84
  • Robert R. Perkinson
    The Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Patient Workbook is intende...
    From £34.34
  • Brave New Weed (Hardback)
    Joe Dolce
    The former editor-in-chief of Details and Star adventures...
    From £16.23
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  • Steroid Man (Paperback)
    Adam Frattasio
    This revealing memoir recounts an athlete's experiences w...
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  • Victorian Suicide (Hardback)
    Barbara Gates
    When Viscount Castlereagh, leader of the House of Commons...
    From £74.48