• John Scott
    With a new chapter on social media, new worked examples, ...
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  • People Skills (Paperback)
    Neil Thompson
    Whether it's managing people, taking care of others or wo...
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  • Margarete Parrish
    This book explains the wide basis of perspectives on whic...
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  • Applied Drama (Paperback)
    Helen Nicholson
    It invites debate about the social role of theatre, and e...
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  • Jeffrey C. Johnson, Stephe...
    Providing readers with a complete guide to this methods f...
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  • Promoting Equality (Paperback)
    Neil Thompson
    Highly anticipated, this 3rd edition of a trusted book pr...
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  • Trust and Power (Paperback)
    Niklas Luhmann, Howard Da...
    In this important book, Niklas Luhmann uses his powers as...
  • Disruptive Behavior (Paperback)
    Hans Steiner, Whitney Dan...
    Disruptive behavior is extremely common.
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  • It Takes a Tribe (Hardback)
    Will Dean
    Tough Mudder is not a race.
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  • Jaime Thurston, 52 Lives
    Kindness - the little thing that matters most aims to mot...
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  • Bernadette Russell
    Kindness - learn how to take action to change the world, ...
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  • Third Culture Kids (Paperback)
    David C. Pollock, Ruth E. ...
    The absolute authority on Third Culture Kids ("TCKs") for...
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  • Sarah Wright Monod
    This book offers a comprehensive framework for the study ...
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  • Me, You, Us (Hardback)
    George Sher
    Me, You, Us addresses a range of issues in moral and poli...
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  • One Kiss or Two? (Hardback)
    Andy Scott
    The first book to explore, in all its complexity, this cr...
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  • Advances in Group Processes (34) (Hardback)
    Shane R. Thye, Edward J. ...
    Volume 34 brings together papers that address theoretical...
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  • Getting Through (Hardback)
    Roger J. Kreuz, Richard M....
    We can learn to speak other languages, but do we truly un...
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  • Stephen G. Harkins, Kiplin...
    The Oxford Handbook of Social Influence restores this imp...
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