• David Held, Anthony G. Mc...
    * This revised and fully updated edition brings together ...
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  • John Hilary
    Looks at the failure of conventional economic theories ba...
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  • R. J. Johnston, Peter J. ...
    This text aims to provides students with a series of chal...
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  • Richard Baldwin
    From 1820 to 1990 the share of world income going to toda...
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  • Alexandros Petersen, Roy ...
    The South Caucasus region has established itself as a cor...
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  • Eurafrica (Paperback)
    Peo Hansen, Stefan Jonsson
    In order to think theoretically about our global age it i...
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  • Jeremy Rifkin
    The capitalist era is passing.
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  • Cyber-Proletariat (Paperback)
    Nick Dyer-Witheford
    A Marxist analysis of the increasing mechanisation of com...
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  • Steven Vertovec
    Diversities Old and New provides comparative analyses of ...
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  • Exodus (Paperback)
    Paul Collier
    Looks at how people from the world's poorest societies st...
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  • Expulsions (Hardback)
    Saskia Sassen
    Income inequality, displaced and imprisoned populations, ...
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  • John Baylis, Steve Smith,...
    The Globalization of World Politics is the complete intro...
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  • English and Development (17) (Paperback)
    Elizabeth J. Erling, Phili...
    This book investigates the relationship between English a...
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  • Guy Standing
    In this ground-breaking book, Guy Standing offers a new p...
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  • Real England (Paperback)
    Paul Kingsnorth
    A rousing and inclusive call to arms for anyone who would...
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  • Saskia Sassen
    Argues that even while globalization is best understood a...
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  • Seeds of Destruction (Paperback)
    F. William Engdahl
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  • Howard Dick, David Merrett
    The international business literature often struggles to ...
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