• No Logo (Paperback)
    Naomi Klein
    `No Logo' was a book that defined a generation when it wa...
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    Save £2.37
  • Says Who? (Paperback)
    Paul Verhaeghe, David Shaw
    'We live in an extremely controlling society in which aut...
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  • The True Life (Paperback)
    Alain Badiou, Susan Spitzer
    'I'm 79 years old.
    From £8.00
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  • People Over Capital (Paperback)
    Rob Harrison
    Do co-operatives offer an alternative model of social org...
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  • The The Waste Makers (Paperback)
    Vance Packard
    A pioneering work from the 1960s about how the rapid grow...
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  • Fame Attack (Paperback)
    Chris Rojek
    The follow up to the hugely successful Celebrity, this is...
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  • Brand Aid (Paperback)
    Lisa Ann Richey, Stefano ...
    A critical account of the rise of celebrity-driven "compa...
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  • The Ethical Consumer (Paperback)
    Rob Harrison, Terry Newho...
    Unlike the many books on corporate social responsibility,...
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  • Consuming Behaviour (Paperback)
    John Desmond
    consuming needs and values, semiotics, identity, the body...
  • Tim Edwards
    Shows how consumption is important in dominating individu...
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  • Halal Food (Hardback)
    Febe Armanios, Bogac Ergene
    An overview of the historical and legal roots of halal (p...
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  • Cesare Silla
    This book offers a genealogical account of the rise of co...
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  • Green Asia (Paperback)
    Tania Lewis
    Economic development in Asia is associated with expanding...
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  • Consumer Behaviour (Paperback)
    Isabelle Szmigin, Maria P...
    Practical, global and rooted in research: this is the mos...
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  • Martyn David Smith
    Martyn Smith argues that the transformation of the print ...
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  • Canned (68) (Hardback)
    Anna Zeide
    A century and a half ago, when the food industry was firs...
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  • Faith and Fashion in Turkey (40) (Hardback)
    Nazli Alimen
    Sheds new light on the different types of Islamic fashion...
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  • A Life Less Throwaway (Paperback)
    Tara Button
    Now more than ever, we live in a society where we covet n...
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