• Mapping it out (Hardback)
    Tom McCarthy, Hans-Ulrich ...
    Features over 130 leading lights from different fields ar...
    From £15.76
    Save £9.19
  • Ele Carpenter, Peter C. va...
    "The Nuclear Culture Source Book" serves as an excellent ...
    From £14.33
    Save £10.62
  • Fiona Mcintyre (Hardback)
    Fiona McIntyre, Alan Wilk...
    From £17.64
    Save £7.36
  • Appearing in several of H.P.
    From £7.14
    Save £2.85
  • The Book of Hearts (Pamphlet)
    Francesca Gavin
    Offers a collection of heart imagery that highlights how ...
    From £6.64
    Save £3.31
  • Politics in a Glass Case (v.7) (Hardback)
    Angela Dimitrakaki, Lara ...
    Brings together curators, artists and historians to rethi...
    From £46.17
    Save £28.83
  • Weirdo Noir (Paperback)
    Matt Dukes Jordan
    In this follow-up volume to our successful title Weirdo D...
    From £17.75
  • Art Deco Complete (Hardback)
    Alastair Duncan
    Offers an account of the decorative arts of the Art Deco ...
    From £36.85
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  • Paintings in Proust (Hardback)
    Eric Karpeles
    "In Search of Lost Time" by Marcel Proust is one of the p...
    From £15.78
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  • E. J. Gold
    From £12.86
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  • Practicable (Hardback)
    Samuel Bianchini, Erik Ve...
    How are we to understand works of art that are realized w...
    From £42.55
  • Infected by Art (Volume 4) (Hardback)
    Bill Cox, Todd Spoor
    This ground-breaking collector's edition features over 30...
    From £29.64
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  • Kanae Hasegawa, Joanna Ka...
    Through the lens of creative spaces, Paul Barbera chronic...
    From £15.78
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  • George Tute (Hardback)
    Derek Balmer
    From £30.21
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  • Sun and Moon (Hardback)
    Here, for the first time, is a collection of unusual stor...
    From £15.87
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  • Experience (Hardback)
    Caroline A. Jones, David ...
    Experience offers a reading experience like no other.
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  • Adelheid M. Gealt
    "This catalog is published in conjunction with the specia...
    From £30.47
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  • Prisse d'Avennes (Hardback)
    Shelia S Blair & Bloom
    Monuments and marvelsA defining record o...
    From £9.08
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