Ethical issues: abortion & birth control

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  • Priestdaddy (Paperback)
    Patricia Lockwood
    The childhood of Patricia Lockwood, the poet dubbed' The ...
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  • Abortion Rights (Paperback)
    Kate Greasley, Christopher...
    Presents critical and forcefully argued debate between tw...
    From £18.48
    Save £5.51
  • Ann Furedi
    The author, a provider of abortion services in the UK, as...
    From £18.48
    Save £5.51
  • Jack M. Balkin
    A fascinating retelling of the most famous court case in ...
    From £18.16
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  • Abortion (Paperback)
    Shannon Stettner, Kristin ...
    This volume highlights abortion experiences in the post-M...
    From £19.72
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  • William Phillimore Watts P...
    From £9.74
  • Clare Debenham
    After the granting of the vote to women in 1918, the stru...
    From £19.20
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  • Andrew R. Lewis
    Explains how abortion politics influenced a fundamental s...
    From £20.27
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  • Elizabeth Kissling
    An examination of how reproductive rights activists are f...
    From £5.41
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  • Jonathan F. Parent
    Where policy is made depends to a large extent on how it ...
    From £52.33
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  • Repeal the 8th (Paperback)
    Una Mullally
    Abortion is illegal in almost every circumstance in Irela...
    From £7.43
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  • John Trotter
    From £14.14
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  • Mary and Me (Paperback)
    Irene Kelleher
    Inspired by the true story of Ann Lovett, a 15-year-old g...
    From £7.46
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  • After Morgentaler (Paperback)
    Rachael Johnstone
    A long-overdue update on the dynamics of abortion politic...
    From £18.38
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  • Beyond Abortion (Hardback)
    Mary Ziegler
    Roe's privacy rationale inspired left-leaning movements u...
    From £23.06
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  • Comics for Choice (Paperback)
    Hazel Newlevant, Whit Tay...
    Comics for Choice is an anthology of comics about abortio...
    From £16.38
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  • Myths & Ms. (Paperback)
    Rosie Rosenzweig, Anna Fa...
    From £11.37
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  • Scarlet A (Hardback)
    Katie Watson
    Although Roe v.
    From £16.75
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