• Jon Ronson
    From the Sunday Times top-ten bestselling author of The P...
  • Gypsy Boy (Paperback)
    Mikey Walsh
    Gypsy Boy is the first commercial memoir written by someo...
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    Save £2.55
  • Rubble (Paperback)
    Gaston R. Gordillo
    Based on ethnographic research in the foothills of the Ar...
    From £15.16
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  • The Psychopath Test (Paperback)
    Jon Ronson
    The new Sunday Times top-ten bestseller from the author o...
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  • Community development (Paperback)
    Margaret Ledwith
    This updated and expanded second edition of a bestselling...
    From £14.61
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  • Social Divisions (Paperback)
    Geoff Payne
    From £43.16
  • Vivien Bacigalupo, W. R. ...
    Care, Welfare and Community provides an integrated, multi...
    From £22.09
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  • Jonathan Parker, Sara Ashe...
    Split into three parts, this book considers what is meant...
    From £15.59
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  • Diversify (Hardback)
    June Sarpong
    'Engaging and informative ... highlights our common human...
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  • Walking Inside Out (Paperback)
    Tina Richardson
    This book brings together contemporary theorists and prac...
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  • Jamie Lorimer
    humans has come to an end.
    From £14.51
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  • B. R. Ambedkar, Arundhati ...
    Annihilation of Caste by B.R.
    From £12.94
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  • Jens Muhling, Eugene H. H...
    From £10.63
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  • Philippe Descola, Janet L...
    Drawing on ethnographic examples from around the world an...
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  • Danny Dorling
    A wide-ranging exploration of why inequality persists and...
    From £5.61
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  • Studying Film (Paperback)
    Nathan Abrams, Ian Bell, ...
    Studying Film offers students an accessible introduction ...
  • Rosalind Eyben, Joy Moncr...
    What does it mean to be part of the mass known as 'The Po...
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  • Social Exclusion (Paperback)
    David Byrne
    This book explores developments in social theory, social ...
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