Rural communities

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  • The Shepherd's Life (Hardback)
    James Rebanks
    Some people's lives are entirely their own creations.
  • Alison Gilchrist, Marilyn ...
    This accessibly written guide provides an introduction to...
    From £20.85
  • Addlands (Paperback)
    Tom Bullough
    Addlands is the moving and engrossing story of the Hamer ...
    From £6.37
    Save £2.62
  • The Fat of the Land (Paperback)
    John Seymour, Hugh Fearnl...
    John Seymour's book about his, and his family's, life on ...
    From £7.99
    Save £4.01
  • Sarah Banks, Hugh L. Butc...
    The bestselling first edition of this book discussed the ...
    From £17.05
    Save £8.94
  • Duthchas Nan Gaidheal (Paperback)
    John MacInnes, Michael Ne...
    A collection of seminal articles that covers various aspe...
    From £12.56
    Save £7.44
  • Deborah Brautigam
    Since 1957, more than 45 countries have received aid from...
    From £93.64
    Save £13.36
  • Rural Politics (Paperback)
    Michael Winter
    Rural Politics provides a much needed examination of the ...
    From £35.56
    Save £7.43
  • Mohammad Jalal Uddin Sikde...
    This book examines how migrant remittances contribute to ...
    From £53.98
    Save £21.02
  • Hillbilly Hellraisers (Paperback)
    J. Blake Perkins
    From £21.79
  • Walking With Cattle (Paperback)
    Terry J. Williams
    A skilful weave of travel writing, first-hand interviews ...
    From £5.39
    Save £2.60
  • A Ploughing People (Hardback)
    Valerie Cox
    Fully illustrated, THE definitive book about the national...
    From £15.85
    Save £4.14
  • Elizabeth Paget
    From £12.22
    Save £3.77
  • Singlewide (Hardback)
    Sonya Salamon, Katherine ...
    From £81.84
  • Singlewide (Paperback)
    Sonya Salamon, Katherine ...
    From £26.98
  • Waiting for Jose (Paperback)
    Harel Shapira
    They live in the suburbs of Tennessee and Indiana.
    From £15.15
  • Rural Marketing (Paperback)
    Dinesh Kumar, Punam Gupta
    An indispensable resource that introduces rural marketing...
    From £14.18
    Save £3.81
  • David Haigron
    This collection of essays examines representations of the...
    From £45.04
    Save £21.95