• Benjamin Bowling, Coretta ...
    This volume synthesizes empirical evidence, documentary a...
  • Sara Ahmed
    Showing how feminist theory is generated from everyday li...
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  • The Sarmatians 600 BC-AD 450 (No. 373) (Paperback)
    Mariusz Mielczarek, Richar...
    For a thousand years the Sarmatian tribes had contacts wi...
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  • Achille Mbembe, Laurent D...
    Eminent critic Achille Mbembe reevaluates history and rac...
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  • Genetic Geographies (Paperback)
    Catherine Nash
    What might be wrong with genetic accounts of personal or ...
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  • Exodus (Paperback)
    Paul Collier
    Looks at how people from the world's poorest societies st...
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  • Gail Dines, Jean M. Humez
    Designed to engage students in critical, mass media schol...
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  • Bernice Archer
    Bernice Archer's comparative study of the experiences of ...
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  • Bearing the People Away (Paperback / softback)
    June Skinner Sawyers
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  • Angie Bartoli, Prospera T...
    This book re-visits anti-racism within social work practi...
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  • X (Paperback)
    Nahum Dimitri Chandler
    X-The Problem of the Negro as a Problem for Thought offer...
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  • The Reorder of Things (Paperback)
    Roderick A. Ferguson
    In the 1960s and 1970s, minority and women students at co...
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  • Border Vigils (Paperback)
    Jeremy Harding
    Searing reportage and analysis of the new politics of imm...
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  • The Arabs (Paperback)
    Eugene Rogan
    Charting the evolution of Arab identity from Ottomanism t...
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  • Selma James
    This selection, spanning six decades, traces the developm...
  • Francis L. F. Lee, Joseph ...
    This text discusses why the Hong Kong protest movement em...
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  • Frederique Apffel-Marglin
    In this book, Frederique Apffel-Marglin draws on a lifeti...
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  • Real Folks (Paperback)
    Sonnet H. Retman
    Real Folks examines the construction of the folk in Dep...
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