Indigenous peoples

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  • Zulu Wars (No.388) (Paperback)
    Ian Castle, Raffaele Ruggeri
    One aspect of the Zulu War remains unexamined - the part ...
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  • The Seminole Wars 1818-58 (No. 454) (Paperback)
    Ron Field, Richard Hook
    The Seminole of Florida were one of five so-called 'Civil...
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  • Tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy (No. 395) (Paperback)
    Michael Johnson, Jonathan ...
    The federated Iroquois tribes were essential to the Briti...
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  • Beneath Another Sky (Hardback)
    Norman Davies
    'He writes history like nobody else.
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  • Thicker Than Water (Paperback)
    Cal Flyn
    Cal Flyn was very proud when she discovered that her ance...
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  • Veiled Sentiments (Paperback)
    Lila Abu-Lughod
    During the late 1970s and early 1980s, the author lived w...
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  • Talking to My Country (Paperback)
    Stan Grant
    An extraordinarily powerful and personal meditation on ra...
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  • Nancy Marie Mithlo, Smiths...
    For more than five decades of the twentieth century, one ...
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  • Neil Kent
    The first comprehensive history of the Sami people of the...
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  • Randall S. Abate, Elizabet...
    This timely volume explores the ways in which indigenous ...
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  • Linda Tuhiwai Smith
    A call by an indigenous researcher for the decolonizing o...
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  • Michael G. Johnson, Jonath...
    Details the growth of the European Fur trade in North Ame...
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  • Michael "Bad Hand"...
    This original study of Plains Indian cultures of the 19th...
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  • Daniel Everett
    Although the author was a missionary, far from converting...
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  • The Comanche Empire (Paperback)
    Pekka Hamalainen
    In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, at the ...
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  • Robert Powell, Kevin Dann
    Discusses the 2012 problem in relation to the Book of Rev...
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  • Orin Starn, Marisol de la ...
    Draws together essays by prominent scholars in anthropolo...
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  • Ron Field, Richard Hook
    Featuring the involvement in the legendary battles of Wou...
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