• Andrew Loomis
    The illustrator Andrew Loomis (1892-1959) is revered amon...
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  • Trevor Waugh
    This practical and inspirational guide, in a handy sketch...
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  • Dynamic Anatomy (Paperback)
    Burne Hogarth
    This revised edition covers text on artistic anatomy.
    From £12.78
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  • 3dtotal Publishing, Kan Mu...
    Figure Drawing for Concept Artists is the essential life ...
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  • Paul Moorhouse, Jane Neal...
    Matters of Life and Death is a limited-edition publicatio...
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  • Drawn from Life (Paperback)
    Helen Birch
    In this handy guide to figure drawing, tutor Helen Birch ...
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  • Body of Art (Hardback)
    Diane Fortenberry, Rebecca...
    The first book to celebrate the beautiful and provocative...
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  • Jean-Marie Le Minor, Henri...
    The four parts of Jean Baptiste Marc Bourgery's treatise ...
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  • Gabriel Campanario
    The Urban Sketching Handbook: People and Motion provides ...
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  • Gabriel Campanario
    The Urban Sketching Handbook: Architecture and Cityscapes...
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  • Bill Buchman
    Throughout the history of art, figure drawing has been re...
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  • Paint Made Flesh (Paperback)
    Mark W. Scala
    Considers expressive figuration as a reflection of artist...
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  • Valerie L. Winslow
    Offers insightful approaches to the complex subject of hu...
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  • The Human Body (Paperback)
    Moff Betts
    In this delightful little book, the smallest of its kind ...
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  • Carrie Stuart Parks
    The method for teaching in this book begins with 18 helpf...
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  • Maternity (Hardback)
    Herbert M. Cole
    On the African continent, images of mothers and children ...
  • Eros Visible (Hardback)
    James Grantham Turner
    Focusing on the impact of the erotic revolution that swep...
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  • Geoffrey Humphries (Hardback)
    Jackie Wullschlager, Jacki...
    Featuring illuminative essays by figures from the interna...
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