• Evelyn Rose
    This new illustrated edition of Evelyn Rose's classic bo...
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  • Derek Taylor
  • The Menorah (Hardback)
    Steven Fine
    Steven Fine explores the cultural and intellectual histor...
    From £17.75
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  • The Iranian Talmud (Paperback)
    Shai Secunda
    The Iranian Talmud reexamines the Babylonian Talmud-one o...
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  • Ruth Bernuth
    When God created the world, so it is said, he sent out an...
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  • State of Terror (Hardback)
    Thomas Suarez
    The story of how 40 years of violence and terror were use...
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  • Proust (Hardback)
    Benjamin Taylor
    An arresting new study of the life, times, and achievemen...
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  • Marc Michael Epstein, Eva ...
    The love of books in the Jewish tradition extends back ov...
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  • Martin Winstone
    Martin Winstone provides a unique insight into the occupa...
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  • Chief Rabbi Hertz (Hardback)
    Derek Taylor
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  • Geoffrey Alderman
    An update and reexamination of the history of Jews in mod...
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  • Balaboosta (Hardback)
    Einat Admony
    A Balaboosta - Yiddish for 'perfect housewife' - loves no...
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  • The Zelmenyaners (Paperback)
    Moyshe Kulbak, Hillel Hal...
    Offers an English translation of a classic of Yiddish lit...
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  • Israel (Paperback)
    Barry Rubin
    Provides a well-rounded introduction to Israel - a defini...
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  • Convenient Hatred (Paperback)
    Phyllis Goldstein
    From £10.89
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  • Shlomo Sand, Yeal Lotan
    Shows that the Israeli national myth has its origins in t...
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  • Voice Called (Paperback)
    Yossi Katz
    This is a collection of articles about some of the great ...
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  • Ian Kershaw
    Presents historiographic research on Nazi Germany.
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