• Father and Daughter (Paperback)
    Ann Oakley
    Father and daughter provides an unique 'insider perspecti...
    From £10.41
    Save £4.58
  • Yoshio Sugimoto
    An Introduction to Japanese Society challenges the tradit...
    From £22.09
    Save £4.90
  • Vickie Cooper, David Whyte
    An edited collection which explores the different facets ...
    From £11.63
    Save £5.36
  • Martin Holborn, Peter Lan...
    Ideal as a companion for any course at AS and A2, this bi...
    From £13.20
  • The Slow Professor (Paperback)
    Maggie Berg, Barbara Seeber
    In The Slow Professor, Maggie Berg and Barbara K.
    From £10.61
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  • Mark Monmonier
    This book explores the US patent system, which helped pra...
    From £49.97
    Save £17.02
  • The True Life (Paperback)
    Alain Badiou, Susan Spitzer
    'I'm 79 years old.
    From £8.84
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  • Blinded by Science (Paperback)
    David Wastell
    This timely book critically examines the capabilities and...
    From £17.64
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  • The Scholar Denied (Paperback)
    Aldon D. Morris
    Calling into question the prevailing narrative of how soc...
    From £18.69
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  • Tony Fisher, Eve Katsouraki
    This book combines performance analysis with contemporary...
    From £46.35
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  • Elizabeth S. Goodstein
    Integrating intellectual biography, philosophical interpr...
    From £18.35
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  • Environmental Publics (Paperback)
    Sally Eden
    How do ordinary people think about the environment as the...
    From £26.66
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  • Talking Climate (Hardback)
    Adam Corner
    This book describes a fresh approach to climate change co...
    From £34.61
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  • Nicholas Campion
    This book explores an area of contemporary religion, spir...
    From £30.47
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  • Dr Robert Kulpa, Ms Joan...
    De-Centring Western Sexualities critically assesses the c...
    From £30.49
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  • Mapping Central Asia (Paperback)
    Dr. Sebastien Peyrouse, D...
    With renewed American involvement in Afghanistan, Pakista...
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  • Italo Pardo, Dr. Giuliana...
    With half of humanity already living in towns and cities ...
    From £30.49
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  • Patrick Diamond, Claudia ...
    First account of presdistribution - a new way ahead for p...
    From £9.60
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