Population & demography

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  • Peoplequake (Paperback)
    Fred Pearce
    Wherever we look, population is the driver of the most to...
  • England's Population (Paperback)
    Andrew Hinde
    This is the first single-volume demographic history of En...
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  • Martin Hyde, Paul Higgs
    From £16.45
    Save £8.54
  • The Great Leveler (Hardback)
    Walter Scheidel
    How only violence and catastrophes have consistently redu...
    From £21.04
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  • Tatiana Karabchuk, Kazuhir...
    This book examines the demographic development of Russia ...
    From £67.16
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  • Population Wars (Paperback)
    Greg Graffin
    In Population Wars, Greg Graffin points to where the main...
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  • Andrzej Klimczuk
    Ageing populations are a major consideration for socio-ec...
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  • Anastasia Christou, Elizab...
    Re-energising debates on the conceptualisation of diaspor...
    From £54.24
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  • Tom Inglis
    The struggle to create and sustain meaning in our everyda...
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  • Dimitris Ballas, Danny Do...
    This is the first human geography social atlas of Europe ...
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  • Population Malthus (Paperback)
    Patricia James
    This is a fascinating insight into the work of one of our...
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  • Donald T. Rowland
    Presents the commonly needed techniques for working with ...
    From £38.55
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  • The World Economy (Paperback)
    Angus Maddison, Organizati...
    From £27.33
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  • Eve's Herbs (Paperback)
    John M. Riddle
    The question explored in this book is: if women once had ...
    From £28.45
  • Ian Hodder
    Presents the argument that Neolithic symbolism, including...
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  • Fragmented Democracy (Paperback)
    Jamila Michener
    Because of federalism, Medicaid takes very different form...
  • Jamila Michener
    Because of federalism, Medicaid takes very different form...
  • Veronique Petit
    This book addresses major population and development issu...
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