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  • Sapiens (Paperback)
    Yuval Noah Harari
    **Over 1 million copies sold** **The Sunday Times #1 best...
    From £8.08
    Save £1.91
  • Guns, Germs And Steel (Paperback)
    Jared Diamond
    'A book of big questions, and big answers' Yuval Noah Har...
    From £9.21
    Save £1.78
  • Kill All Normies (Paperback)
    Angela Nagle
    How internet subcultures are conquering the mainstream, f...
    From £6.09
    Save £3.90
  • Hillbilly Elegy (Paperback)
    J. D. Vance
    From £7.01
    Save £2.98
  • Homo Deus (Paperback)
    Yuval Noah Harari
    **From the author of the phenomenal million copy bestsell...
    From £8.41
    Save £1.58
  • Paul Stoller
    This ethnographic novel follows the life of Omar Dia, the...
    From £17.05
    Save £4.95
  • Rubble (Paperback)
    Gaston R. Gordillo
    Based on ethnographic research in the foothills of the Ar...
    From £16.33
    Save £5.66
  • Jorg Durrschmidt, Graham ...
    Uses an innovative conceptual approach to explore the way...
    From £30.25
    Save £2.74
  • Sociology for Nurses (Paperback)
    Sarah Earle, Elaine Denny
    Nurses often ask: What is sociology; why do I need sociol...
  • Red Hangover (Paperback)
    Kristen Ghodsee
    Kristen Ghodsee examines the legacies of twentieth-centur...
    From £16.96
    Save £4.03
  • Black Tudors (Hardback)
    Miranda Kaufmann
    A transformative history - in Tudor times there were Afri...
    From £11.04
    Save £7.95
  • John Bradshaw
    'A pioneering study ... richly, empathetically and affect...
    From £14.61
    Save £5.39
  • Christy Kulz
    This book draws on research at Dreamfields Academy, a cel...
    From £10.41
    Save £4.58
  • Afrofuturism 2.0 (Paperback)
    Reynaldo Anderson, Charles...
    This collection examines the applicability of contemporar...
    From £23.37
    Save £6.58
  • Juan Francisco Salazar, Sa...
    Anthropology and Futures brings together a group of leadi...
    From £15.59
    Save £4.40
  • Stuart Hall's Voice (Hardback)
    David Scott
    In these series of letters-which David Scott wrote to Stu...
    From £18.35
    Save £6.64
  • Achille Mbembe, Laurent D...
    Eminent critic Achille Mbembe reevaluates history and rac...
    From £15.61
    Save £5.38
  • The Memory Code (Hardback)
    Dr. Lynne Kelly
    This ground-breaking new book reveals the powerful ancien...
    From £12.56
    Save £5.43