Physical anthropology & ethnography

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  • The Human Career (Hardback)
    Richard G. Klein
    Chronicles the evolution of people from the earliest prim...
    From £56.11
    Save £9.39
  • The Past in Pieces (Paperback)
    Rebecca Bryant
    By examining oral history collected during two years of f...
    From £15.63
    Save £5.36
  • Chris Stringer
    Do all humans originate from Africa?
    From £7.09
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  • Jacqueline H. Fewkes
    This book provides an ethno-historical study of the trade...
    From £24.36
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  • Song Zhu
    From £3.78
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  • Ordinary Affects (Paperback)
    Kathleen Stewart
    Presents an argument for attention to various dimensions ...
    From £14.28
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  • Scottish Life and Society (v. 10) (Hardback)
    John Beech, Owen Hand, Fi...
    Brings together a series of essays by a diverse range of ...
    From £24.84
    Save £20.16
  • Two-Faced Racism (Paperback)
    Leslie Picca, Joe Feagin
    Examines and explains the racial attitudes and behaviors ...
    From £19.02
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  • Scottish Life and Society (v. 6) (Hardback)
    Susan Storrier
    Examines the variety in Scottish 'home life', and conside...
    From £27.29
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  • Paloma Gay y Blasco, Huon ...
    Laying bare the central conventions of ethnographic writi...
    From £22.87
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  • Race and Ethnicity (Paperback)
    Stephen Spencer
    Examines the shifting meanings of 'race' and ethnicity an...
  • Scottish Life and Society (v. 14) (Hardback)
    Alexander Fenton
    This project of the European Ethnological research Centre...
    From £27.29
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  • Roger Lewin, Robert Andrew...
    * New author, Robert Foley - leading figure in Human Evol...
    From £45.49
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  • Christopher Pole, Marlene ...
    Ethnography is an approach for educational research.
    From £20.05
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  • Christopher Boehm
    This work addresses the question of: are humans by nature...
    From £36.96
  • After the Last Sky (Paperback)
    Edward W. Said, Jean Mohr
    A searing portrait of Palestinian life and identity that ...
  • Richard Clogg
    The Greeks constitute one of the archetypal diasporas.
  • Avtar Brah
    By addressing questions of culture, identity and politics...
    From £26.68
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