• Universal Credit (Paperback)
    Alison Gillies, Henri Kri...
    Learn what you need to know about universal credit with t...
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  • Good times, bad times (Paperback)
    John Hills
    This ground-breaking book uses extensive research and su...
  • Donna L. Dickenson, Malcol...
    `This second edition, which has also been edited by Samso...
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  • Bread for All (Hardback)
    Chris Renwick
    'Makes a gripping human story out of the wisest and most ...
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  • Basic Income (Paperback)
    Guy Standing
    'Basic Income is an idea whose time has come, and Guy Sta...
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  • Child Poverty Action Group
    Our bestselling Handbook - known as the 'adviser's bibl...
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  • Tracy Shildrick, Robert M...
    This book is the first of its kind to examine the relatio...
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  • Welfare Theory (Paperback)
    T. Fitzpatrick
    This fully updated new edition of a trusted text retains ...
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  • Understanding Poverty (Paperback)
    Pete Alcock
    Pete Alcock provides a comprehensive introduction to the ...
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  • Peter Malpass
    This new analysis of housing policy in Britain since 1945...
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  • The Five Giants (Paperback)
    Nicholas Timmins
    An accessible and entertaining narrative history of the e...
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  • Nancy Rowland, Stephen Goss
    Assesses the impact of the international drive towards ev...
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  • Housing Policy (Paperback)
    Jean Conway, Peter Alcock
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  • Frida Borang
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  • Bernd Marin
    The modern welfare state is indeed one of the greatest ac...
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  • Peter Dwyer, Katy Jones, ...
    This book examines why social innovation is important to ...
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  • John J. Pitney Jr.
    Noted political scientist and public policy expert John J.
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  • Christopher Deeming, Paul ...
    Christopher Deeming and Paul Smyth, together with interna...
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