• Collective Conviction (Paperback)
    Anne Eyre, Pam Dix
    The story of Disaster Action, a charity founded by surviv...
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  • Jonathan M. Katz
    In The Big Truck That Went By award-winning writer Jonath...
    From £13.85
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  • Moving Mountains (Paperback)
    Claire Bertschinger
    Born in Essex, Claire Bertschinger had to overcome dyslex...
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  • William Easterly
    William Easterly, acclaimed author and former economist a...
    From £9.91
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  • Deborah Brautigam
    Since 1957, more than 45 countries have received aid from...
    From £132.92
  • More Than Altruism (Hardback)
    Brian H Smith
    As government officials and political activists are becom...
    From £124.23
  • Young-Sun Hong
    This is the first comprehensive study of the turbulent re...
    From £92.62
  • Robert A. Packenham
    In Europe after World War II, U.S. economic aid helped to...
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  • Making the World Safe (Paperback)
    Julia F. Irwin
    A history of the relationship between the United States a...
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  • Operation Crisis (Paperback)
    Adam L. Kushner
    Stewart, Marten van Wijhe, Evan G.
    From £19.18
  • Sokhieng Au, Michiel Hofman
    The Politics of Fear is Medecins sans Frontieres's commis...
    From £20.35
  • Curbing Catastrophe (Hardback)
    Timothy H. Dixon
    An eye-opening account exploring common themes between ma...
  • Alka Sapat, Ann-Margaret ...
    Post-disaster housing concerns and dilemmas are complex, ...
    From £45.45
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  • Going Beyond Aid (Paperback)
    Justin Yifu Lin, Yan Wang
    This book examines South-South development aid and cooper...
  • Jean-Herve Bradol, Marc L...
    Throughout the 1990s, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) face...
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  • Alessandra Pigni
    From £8.77
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  • Disaster Capitalism (Paperback)
    Antony Loewenstein
    How Capitalism makes a fortune from disaster, poverty and...
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  • Thomas Helling
    Caring for the wounded in the World War II Pacific Theate...
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