Drugs trade / drug trafficking

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  • Chasing the Scream (Hardback)
    Johann Hari
    It is now 100 years since drugs were first banned.
  • Drug War Capitalism (Paperback)
    Dawn Paley
    Combining on-the-ground reporting with extensive research...
    From £9.47
    Save £3.53
  • On the Run (Hardback)
    Alice Goffman
    Over the years, the War on Drugs has done almost nothing ...
    From £15.16
    Save £3.84
  • Storming Home (Paperback)
    Billy Gilvear, Eric Gaudion
    The story of a self-destructive hard man, bodyguard and b...
    From £5.88
    Save £3.11
  • David Rochkind
    Over the past six years Mexico has been consumed by a bru...
  • World Wide Weed (Hardback)
    Tom Decorte, Gary W. Pott...
    For the majority of its history, the cultivation of canna...
    From £84.40
    Save £25.60
  • Drugs in Britain (Paperback)
    Mark Simpson, Tracy Shild...
    Drawing on well-respected authors in the field, this text...
    From £30.25
    Save £2.74
  • Benjamin Lessing
    State crackdowns on drug cartels often backfire, producin...
  • Benjamin Lessing
    State crackdowns on drug cartels often backfire, producin...
  • Valerio Bispuri
    From £18.46
    Save £11.54
  • William Aviles
    Since the mid-1980s subsequent US governments have promot...
    From £88.15
    Save £26.85
  • Dead-end lives (Paperback)
    Daniel Briggs, Ruben Mong...
    Using vivid testimonies and images, Briggs and Monge docu...
    From £16.44
    Save £0.55
  • Smuggler (Paperback)
    Richard Stratton
    Goodfellas meets Catch Me If You Can in this true tale of...
    From £6.37
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  • United Nations Publications
    Lists competent national authorities empowered to issue c...
    From £28.77
    Save £9.73
  • Los Zetas Inc. (Paperback)
    Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera
    Combining interview commentary with in-depth analysis of ...
    From £19.65
    Save £5.34
  • United Nations: Office on D...
    The 2017 WDR will include an updated overview of recent t...
    From £100.85
    Save £41.15
  • United Nations Publications
    Provides a comprehensive account of the global drug situa...
    From £28.77
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  • United Nations Department f...
    This is the official record of the report of the Commissi...
    From £15.24
    Save £4.26