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  • Mark Essig
    Edison and the electric chair
    From £11.48
    Save £8.52
  • The Penal System (Paperback)
    Michael Cavadino, James D...
    Suitable for students and academics in criminal justice a...
  • Barbara Hudson
    Offers an account of the ideas and controversies that hav...
    From £22.66
    Save £6.33
  • David Garland
    In a brilliant synthesis of the work of Foucault, Durkhei...
    From £38.06
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  • Women Exiting Prison (Paperback)
    Bree Carlton, Marie Segrave
    Women's incarceration is on the rise globally and this ha...
    From £25.14
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  • Anne Hayden, Loraine Gels...
    This volume provides an essential update on current think...
    From £85.76
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  • Martin Innes
    This book investigates how social control has been used t...
    From £22.66
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  • Prison Power (Paperback)
    Lisa M. Corrigan
    In the black liberation movement, imprisonment emerged as...
    From £21.31
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  • Ales Zavrsnik
    From predictive policing to self-surveillance to private ...
    From £80.61
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  • Wayne Geerling, Gary Magee
    This book presents and uses a major, new database of the ...
    From £61.67
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  • Black Boys Burning (Hardback)
    Grif Stockley
    On March 5, 1959, Luvenia Long was listening to gospel mu...
    From £17.91
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  • Solitary (Hardback)
    Terry A. Kupers
    "When I testify in court, I am often asked: `What is the ...
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  • Rosemary Sheehan, Chris T...
    Women continue to be one of the fastest growing groups of...
    From £80.61
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  • Convict criminology (Paperback)
    Rod Earle
    This is the first single authored book to trace the emerg...
    From £14.61
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  • Sean O. Luing
    The classic biography of the Irish revolutionary re-relea...
    From £9.15
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  • Trials (Paperback)
    Isabel Buchanan
    Winner of the Saltire Society First Book Award 2016An Eco...
    From £7.12
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  • Luigi Gariglio
    This book offers a sustained study of on one feature of t...
    From £80.61
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  • Lorana Bartels
    This book presents a detailed analysis of Hawaii's Opport...
    From £61.67
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