Penology & punishment

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  • Mark Essig
    Edison and the electric chair
    From £11.44
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  • The Penal System (Paperback)
    Michael Cavadino, James D...
    Suitable for students and academics in criminal justice a...
  • Understanding Justice (Paperback)
    Barbara Hudson
    Offers an account of the ideas and controversies that hav...
    From £21.19
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  • David Garland
    In a brilliant synthesis of the work of Foucault, Durkhei...
    From £37.42
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  • Women Exiting Prison (Paperback)
    Bree Carlton, Marie Segrave
    Women's incarceration is on the rise globally and this ha...
    From £22.83
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  • Anne Hayden, Loraine Gels...
    This volume provides an essential update on current think...
    From £78.11
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  • Martin Innes
    This book investigates how social control has been used t...
    From £21.19
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  • Corrections (Paperback / softback)
    Mary K Stohr, Anthony Walsh
    Corrections: From Research, to Policy, to Practice offers...
    From £106.64
  • The Prison School (Paperback)
    Lizbet Simmons
    Public schools across the nation have turned to the crimi...
    From £28.42
  • Prelude to Prison (Paperback)
    Marsha Weissman
    By the close of the twentieth century, the United States ...
    From £17.74
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  • Liberating Minds (Hardback)
    Ellen Lagemann
    Many college-in-prison graduates achieve success and the ...
    From £16.26
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  • Disorderly Families (Hardback)
    Arlette Farge, Michel Fou...
    From £22.39
    Save £7.60
  • City of Inmates (Hardback)
    Kelly Lytle Hernandez
    Los Angeles incarcerates more people than any other city ...
    From £18.62
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  • Carla P. Davis
    This book offers an ethnographic study of the lives of gi...
    From £45.84
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  • Adam Edwards, Paul Ponsae...
    Understanding the politics of security in city-regions is...
    From £73.06
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  • European Penology? (Paperback)
    Tom Daems, Dirk van Zyl S...
    Is there something distinctive about penology in Europe?
    From £24.84
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  • Lewis Lyons
    From £12.75
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  • Sean McConville
    This title, first published in 1981, draws from an extens...
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