• Piper Kerman
    Now an original comedy-drama series from Netflix, Piper K...
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  • Frankie Owens
    An easy-to-read prison survival guide of do's and don'ts.
    From £8.79
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  • Life After Life (Paperback)
    Paddy Armstrong, Mary-Elai...
    Today, Paddy Armstrong is a husband and father, and it ha...
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  • Danny Lyon
    A digitally remastered facsimile edition of Danny Lyon's ...
    From £27.33
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  • Guantanamo Diary (Hardback)
    Mohamedou Ould Slahi, Larr...
    An unprecedented international publishing event: the firs...
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  • Handbook on Prisons (Paperback)
    Yvonne Jewkes, Ben Crewe,...
    Focusing on prisons, this is a useful reference for pract...
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  • Marching Powder (Paperback)
    Rusty Young
    A gripping, sometimes surreal account of surviving one of...
  • John Pratt
    This book examines how a framework of punishment that sui...
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  • Ruth Ahnert
    A fascinating account of writings penned by early modern ...
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  • Guantanamo Diary (Paperback)
    Mohamedou Ould Slahi, Larr...
    The international bestseller that set the world on fire, ...
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  • Mansions of Misery (Paperback)
    Jerry White
    We get to know the trumpeter John Grano who wined and din...
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  • Charlie Eastaugh
    This book examines American solitary confinement - in whi...
  • Journey to Release (Paperback)
    Mo Smith, Toni Close
    An invaluable explanation of the `nuts and bolts' of coun...
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  • Jason Payne-James, Jonatha...
    This landmark practical guide assists all those involved ...
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  • James Phelps, Stevie Lacey
    James Phelps explores all the questions that we can only ...
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  • Luigi Gariglio
    This book offers a sustained study of on one feature of t...
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  • Pieter Tritton
    "Gato's head snapped back...
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  • Surviving Justice (Paperback)
    Dave Eggers
    The Voice of Witness book series takes a humanizing, lite...
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