• Hugh Coolican
    This fourth edition of the bestselling Research Methods &...
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  • Psychology (Paperback)
    Richard D. Gross
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  • Psychology (Paperback)
    Richard D. Gross
    An introduction to psychology that adopts a modular appro...
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  • Psychology (Hardback)
    Henry Gleitman, Alan J. F...
    This work, aimed at undergraduates, has been updated with...
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  • Psychology (Paperback)
    Miles Hewstone, Frank Fin...
    Psychology, published in association with the British Psy...
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  • Psychology for A2 (Paperback)
    Mike Cardwell, Liz Clark,...
    This text has been extensively revised in the light of A2...
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  • Nicky Hayes
    This introduction to psychology spans the six central are...
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  • Framespotting (Paperback)
    Laurence Matthews, Alison ...
    A punchy, upbeat guide to framespotting.
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  • George Marshall
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  • AQA Psychology A AS (Paperback)
    Jane Willson, James Baile...
    Written by an experienced author team, our AS Psychology ...
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  • On the Move (Hardback)
    Oliver Sacks
    When Oliver Sacks was twelve years old, a perceptive scho...
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  • Andy Field, Graham J. Hole
    This useful guide to the often bewildering world of exper...
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  • Missing Out (Paperback)
    Adam Phillips
    We all have two lives - the life we live and the life of ...
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  • Steven Pinker
    Can violence really have declined?
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  • Psychology (Paperback)
    Daniel L. Schacter, Daniel...
    Psychology: European Edition is a landmark new textbook f...
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  • Mike Cardwell, Liz Clark,...
    This text has been updated to reflect the revised AQA(A) ...
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  • Sylvie Collins, Pauline E....
    A comprehensive guide to studying psychology at universit...
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  • Hugh Coolican
    This third edition has been revised and updated to provid...
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