• Psychology (Hardback)
    Daniel L. Schacter, Daniel...
    Students love the vitality and expertise of the writing i...
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  • Psychology (Paperback)
    Miles Hewstone, Frank Fin...
    Psychology, published in association with the British Psy...
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  • Nicky Hayes
    This introduction to psychology spans the six central are...
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  • Framespotting (Paperback)
    Laurence Matthews, Alison ...
    A punchy, upbeat guide to framespotting.
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  • George Marshall
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  • AQA Psychology A AS (Paperback)
    Jane Willson, James Baile...
    Written by an experienced author team, our AS Psychology ...
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  • David Moxon
    Heinemann Psychology for OCR is an specification-matching...
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  • Andy Field, Graham J. Hole
    This useful guide to the often bewildering world of exper...
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  • Steven Pinker
    Can violence really have declined?
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  • Psychology (Paperback)
    Daniel L. Schacter, Daniel...
    Psychology: European Edition is a landmark new textbook f...
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  • Psychology (Paperback)
    G. Neil Martin, Neil R. C...
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  • Sylvie Collins, Pauline E....
    A comprehensive guide to studying psychology at universit...
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  • Peter Kinderman
    A controversial and ground-breaking new popular science t...
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  • You are Not So Smart (Paperback)
    David McRaney
    The US smash-hit comes to the UK!
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  • Complete Psychology (Paperback)
    Ian Albery, Christopher S...
    The new edition of Complete Psychology is the only book t...
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  • Abba's Child (Paperback / softback)
    Brennan Manning
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  • Robert J. Sternberg, Henry...
    Explores key topics in psychology, showing how they can b...
  • Judith S. Beck, Aaron T. ...
    Addresses what to do when a patient is not making progres...
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