• Biopsychology (Mixed media product)
    John P. J. Pinel
    'Biopsychology', fifth edition, presents fundamentals of ...
  • Maxwell J. Roberts, Riccar...
    Roberts and Russo cover a range of techniques associated ...
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  • Hugh Coolican
    This sixth edition of Research Methods and Statistics in ...
    From £31.75
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  • Arne Dietrich
    From £24.84
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  • The Interpreted World (Paperback)
    Ernesto Spinelli
    The Interpreted World, Second Edition, is a welcome intro...
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  • Tracy B. Henley, B.Michael...
    This comprehensive, scholarly text offers extensive biogr...
  • Philip Banyard
    Psychology in Practice is the definitive six-part series ...
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  • On Stories (Paperback)
    Richard Kearney
    Richard Kearney skilfully illuminates how stories are dee...
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  • Dai Jones, Jonathan Elcock
    Introducing the core issues of critical psychology from a...
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  • Terence Watts
    Presents a revolutionary framework with which to comprehe...
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  • Imagining (Paperback)
    Edward S. Casey
    Describes the essential forms which imagination assumes i...
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  • Matt Jarvis
    The book introduces and outlines the six main approaches ...
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  • Affects as Process (14) (Hardback)
    Joseph M. Jones, J.D. Lic...
    This text on the nature of emotional experience argues th...
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  • Social Psychology (Paperback)
    Steve Rogers, Kate Gleeso...
    This is a major textbook in social psychology which delib...
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  • Not in My Family (Hardback)
    Roger Frie
    Roger Frie explores what it means to discover his family'...
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  • Will Greenshields
    This book examines and explores Jacques Lacan's controver...
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  • The Card Catalog (Hardback)
    Library of Congress
    The Card Catalog highlights the literary treasures in the...
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  • Wayne Viney, William Dougl...
    Revised edition of the authors' A history of psychology, ...
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