Psychology: emotions

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  • Kevin P Long, Dacher Kelt...
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  • Love's Executioner (Paperback)
    Irvin D. Yalom
    "Like Freud, Yalom is a graceful and canny writer.
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  • Viv Albertine
    To Throw Away Unopened is a fearless dissection of one wo...
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  • Man vs Mind (Paperback)
    Daniel Richardson
    Man vs Mind distills the complexities of some of the most...
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  • Michael J. Braddick, Joann...
    These essays honour leading historian of early modern Eng...
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  • Katie Abey
    Featuring the charming and quirky illustrations of Katie ...
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  • Mood Swings (Paperback)
    Caroline Mitchell
    Mood swings are normal reactions to life events and usual...
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  • Hope Without Optimism (Paperback)
    Terry Eagleton
    In a virtuoso display of erudition, thoughtfulness and hu...
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  • Life After Life (Paperback)
    Paddy Armstrong, Mary-Elai...
    Today, Paddy Armstrong is a husband and father, and it ha...
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  • Happiness by Design (Paperback)
    Paul Dolan
    As a Professor of Behavioural Science at the London Schoo...
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  • Moral Tribes (Hardback)
    Joshua Greene
    'After two and a half millennia, it's rare to come across...
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  • Nicolas Demertzis
    Prompted by the 'affective turn' within the entire spectr...
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  • Political Emotions (Hardback)
    Martha C. Nussbaum
    Amid negative emotions endemic even to good societies, pu...
  • The Emotions (Paperback)
    Julien Deonna, Fabrice Te...
    The emotions are at the centre of our lives and, for bett...
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  • Language of Emotions (Paperback)
    Karla McLaren
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  • Nava R. Silton
    Offers in-depth studies that anchor concepts of happiness...
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  • Alison Cook, Kimberly Miller
    What if feelings like anger, sadness, and fear could impr...
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  • Strange Contagion (Paperback)
    Lee Daniel Kravetz
    In 2009, tragedy struck the town of Palo Alto: A student ...
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