Man-made objects depicted in art (cityscapes, machines, etc)

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  • Warbirds (Hardback)
    Adam Tooby
    The author is a rising star in the field of aviation art.
    From £16.67
    Save £13.32
  • Silent Partners (Hardback)
    Jane Munro
    The articulated human figure made of wax or wood has been...
    From £28.96
    Save £11.04
  • Gabriel Campanario
    The Art of Urban Sketching is both a comprehensive guide ...
    From £11.19
    Save £6.80
  • Stephen Walter
    Fans of Stephen Walter's magnificent maps of London will ...
    From £14.43
    Save £8.07
  • Studio Esinam
    From £9.77
    Save £5.22
  • London in Paint (Hardback)
    Lee Cheshire
    The hustle and bustle of London, its changing landscape a...
    From £13.64
    Save £6.35
  • Douglas Vernimmen, Colin ...
    This collection of Douglas Vernimmen's photographs illust...
    From £15.54
    Save £9.46
  • Materiality (Paperback)
    Petra Lange-Berndt
    From £11.61
    Save £5.34
  • James Gulliver Hancock
    A new title from the author/illustrator of the hugely pop...
    From £10.69
    Save £6.26
  • Image Building (Paperback)
    Therese Lichtenstein, Marv...
    This generously illustrated examination of architectural ...
    From £17.48
    Save £12.51
  • Christian Benedik
    This book highlights architectural drawings from The Albe...
    From £27.54
    Save £17.46
  • Matejka (Hardback)
    Aurel Hrabusicky, Filip V...
    From £19.09
    Save £10.86
  • War and Art (Hardback)
    Joanna Bourke, Jon Bird, ...
    This sumptuously illustrated volume, edited by eminent wa...
    From £24.60
    Save £15.40
  • Philadelphia (Hardback)
    Joseph E. B. Elliott, Nath...
    Philadelphia possesses an exceptionally large number of p...
    From £23.00
    Save £9.00
  • Adolf Dehn (Hardback)
    Philip Eliasoph
    A monograph on this prolific artist with particular refer...
    From £30.97
    Save £24.03
  • John Hill
    From £7.55
    Save £5.44
  • Michael Tolkin, Alex Israel
    This provocative new book presents the collaborative pain...
    From £43.43
    Save £31.57
  • Susan Grange, Flame Tree S...
    Illustrator and cartoonist W.
    From £9.12
    Save £3.87