• Daniel Kahneman
    Looks at the way our minds work, and how we make decisions.
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  • Colin Cooper
    Intelligence and Abilities explains what is known about t...
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  • Alan Garnham, Jane Oakhill
    Presents a range of research on various aspects of thinki...
    From £37.77
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  • Colin Cooper
    Choice Recommended Read Psychological research into human...
    From £24.36
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  • Ruling Passions (Paperback)
    Simon Blackburn
    The author posits a philosophy of human motivation and mo...
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  • Keith E. Stanovich, Richar...
    Why are we surprised when smart people act foolishly?
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  • Satish Kumar
    The last two years have witnessed deterioration in the gl...
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  • Models of Thinking (Paperback)
    Frank Honywill George
    In this volume, originally published in 1970, an attempt ...
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  • Intuition (Paperback)
    Elijah Chudnoff
    Elijah Chudnoff elaborates and defends a view of intuitio...
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  • Arnaud Chevallier
    Whether you are a student or a working professional, you ...
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  • Addie Johnson, Robert W. ...
    Skill Acquisition and Training describes the building blo...
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  • Robert W. Proctor
    Skill Acquisition and Training describes the building blo...
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  • R. V. Praveen
    From £17.71
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  • Cognitive Illusions (Paperback)
    Rudiger F. Pohl
    Cognitive Illusions explores a wide range of fascinating ...
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  • Cathy Downes
    This is an examination and an analysis of the systems of ...
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  • Teaching Thinking (24) (Hardback)
    Robert J. Swartz, D. N. P...
    Originally published in 1990, this title attempts to prov...
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  • Arthur L. Costa, Lawrence ...
    Originally published in 1989 the purpose of this title wa...
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  • Shira Elqayam, Jean-Franco...
    In recent years the psychology of reasoning has undergone...
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