• Other Minds (Hardback)
    Peter Godfrey-Smith
    'Brilliant' Guardian 'Fascinating and often del...
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  • Nancy M. Krieger
    This book investigates consciousness as an emergent state...
    From £28.17
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  • Future-Minded (Paperback)
    Magda Osman
    Focusing on processes including decision-making and memor...
    From £19.85
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  • Anne Baring
    From £17.64
    Save £7.36
  • Victor Sanchez
    From £10.65
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  • Can't You Hear Them? (Paperback)
    Simon McCarthy-Jones
    'What's wrong with you?' People who hear voices will ofte...
    From £12.75
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  • Other Minds (Paperback)
    Peter Godfrey-Smith
    What if intelligent life on Earth evolved not once, but t...
    From £9.79
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  • Consciousness (Paperback)
    Christof Koch
    What links conscious experience of pain, joy, color, and ...
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  • Derk Pereboom
    In this book, Derk Pereboom explores how physicalism migh...
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  • On Human Nature (Hardback)
    Roger Scruton
    A brief, radical defense of human uniqueness from acclaim...
    From £12.95
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  • Other Minds (Hardback)
    Peter Godfrey-Smith
    A philosopher dons a wet suit and journeys into the depth...
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  • Paul Bousfield, W. R. Bou...
    First published in 1927, the original blurb reads: "Scien...
    From £28.19
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  • Nirbhay N. Singh
    From £60.95
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  • Transcendent Mind (Hardback)
    Imants Baruss, Julia Moss...
    Where does consciousness come from?
    From £37.91
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  • Monique Markee Mitchell
    In The Neglected Transition, Monique B.
    From £17.81
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  • Thomas Natsoulas
    Seeks to explicate six basic concepts of consciousness fr...
  • Michael Graziano
    Princeton neuroscientist Michael Graziano lays out an aud...
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  • In Their Right Minds (Paperback)
    Carole Brooks Platt
    From £11.25
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