Drug-induced states

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    The most comprehensive guide to the botany, history, dist...
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  • The Bodily Self (Hardback)
    Jose Luis Bermudez
    These essays explore how the rich and sophisticated forms...
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    Armin W. Schulz
    Many organisms (including humans) make decisions by relyi...
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    In this book, Leonard Talmy proposes that a single lingui...
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    How can we account for phenomenal unity?
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    Simon Penny
    In Making Sense, Simon Penny proposes that internalist c...
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    Daniel C. Dennett
    When Brainstorms was published in 1978, the interdiscipl...
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    The body may be the object we know the best.
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    Matthew Collin
    Electronic dance music was once the utopian frontier of p...
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    Language makes us human.
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    A savvy connoisseur's guide from the editors of the world...
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    Tracing evidence of mind-altering substances across a div...
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    Originally published in 1980, this book presents a detail...
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    Drugs, Society and Human Behavior provides the latest inf...
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  • Real Hallucinations (Hardback)
    Matthew Ratcliffe
    In Real Hallucinations, Matthew Ratcliffe offers a philo...
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  • David F. Skrbina
    In Panpsychism in the West, the first comprehensive stud...
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  • Sources of Power (Paperback)
    Gary A. Klein
    Revised edition of the author's Sources of power, c1998.
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