Drug-induced states

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  • Christian Ratsch, Albert ...
    The most comprehensive guide to the botany, history, dist...
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  • Dr. Ben Sessa
  • Suzanne Nielsen, Raimondo ...
    This volume is devoted to descriptions of non medical as ...
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    Roger J. Kreuz, Richard M....
    We can learn to speak other languages, but do we truly un...
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  • Outside Color (Paperback)
    Mazviita Chirimuuta
    Is color real or illusory, mind independent or mind depen...
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  • Jerome Kagan
    Scientists were unable to study the relation of brain to ...
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  • The Feeling Body (Paperback)
    Giovanna Colombetti
    In The Feeling Body, Giovanna Colombetti takes ideas fro...
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  • Ganja Yoga (Paperback)
    Dee Dussault
    Dee Dussault is a certified yoga instructor and the first...
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  • Felt Time (Paperback)
    Marc Wittmann, Erik Butler
    We have widely varying perceptions of time.
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  • David Herman
    With Storytelling and the Sciences of Mind, David Herman...
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  • Professor Dusan I. Bjelic
    This book depicts how Freud's cocaine and Benjamin's hash...
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  • Nick Heather, Gabriel Segal
    Views on addiction are often polarised - either addiction...
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    Often, people use nicotine, caffeine, and some level of a...
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  • Metaphor in Context (Paperback)
    Josef Stern
    Josef Stern addresses the question: Given the received co...
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  • The Things We Do (Paperback)
    Gary A. Cziko
    The remarkable achievements that modern science has made ...
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    Richard M. Roberts, Roger ...
    Adults who want to learn a foreign language are often dis...
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    This collection traces the intersection between writing a...
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  • Henry Hitner, Barbara T. ...
    Pharmacology, 7e by Hitner/Nagle is incredibly readable, ...
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