Religious subjects depicted in art

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  • Madonnas and Miracles (Paperback)
    Maya Corry, Deborah Howar...
    In Spring 2017 an exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum in...
    From £16.49
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  • Titian (Hardback)
    Artur Rosenauer
    Titian was the most important Venetian artist of the sixt...
    From £41.11
  • Angelus & Diabolus (Hardback)
    Maria-Christina Boerner, R...
    The history of angels and demons in art, and how they mir...
    From £91.83
    Save £77.17
  • John Goodall, Paul Barker
    Our parish churches constitute a living patrimony without...
    From £16.22
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  • Jan Royt
    The Master of the Trebon Altarpiece was a painter active ...
    From £25.00
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  • Zen Doodle (Paperback)
    North Light Books
    Draw an inspirational tangled card for a friend or add do...
    From £8.82
    Save £8.17
  • Only Believe (Paperback / softback)
    Smith Wigglesworth
    From £9.53
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  • Richard Bradley
    The text studies the importance of monuments tracing thei...
    From £22.06
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  • Alfredo Tradigo
    Catalogues the heritage of images according to type and s...
    From £13.94
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  • Waking Up Grey (Paperback / softback)
    Jennie Schut
    From £12.04
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  • The Medici's Painter (Paperback)
    Eve Straussman-Pflanzer, F...
    Carlo Dolci (1616-1687), arguably the greatest painter in...
    From £32.62
  • The Buddha in Lanna (Hardback)
    Angela S. Chiu
    For centuries, wherever Thai Buddhists have made their ho...
    From £52.56
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  • Amaravati (Paperback)
    Michael Willis, Akira Shi...
    Buddhism originated in north India and spread to other pa...
    From £25.36
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  • Pure Act (Paperback)
    Michael N. McGregor
    Best known for his friendship with famed 20th century Tra...
    From £14.31
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  • Christophe Luitpold Frommel
    In 1505, Michelangelo began planning the magnificent tomb...
    From £37.96
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  • The Holy Box (Paperback)
    Paul Gough
  • A Body for Glory (Paperback)
    Elizabeth Lev, Jose Granados
    From £12.91
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  • Vaticani Musei
    From £9.37
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