Parapsychological studies

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  • Future-Minded (Paperback)
    Magda Osman
    Focusing on processes including decision-making and memor...
    From £19.15
    Save £5.84
  • Harvey J. Irwin, Caroline ...
    Aims to provide an introductory survey of parapsychologis...
    From £31.19
    Save £10.76
  • Parapsychology (Paperback)
    David Groome, Ronald Roberts
    Challenges and provokes readers with an up-to-the-minute ...
    From £16.69
    Save £3.30
  • Tony Jinks
    Examining a large selection of fascinating narratives, th...
    From £24.59
    Save £1.91
  • Transcendent Mind (Hardback)
    Imants Baruss
    Where does consciousness come from?
    From £39.49
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  • Soma Chaudhuri
    Witches, Tea Plantations, and Lives of Migrant Laborers i...
    From £23.35
    Save £6.60
  • Domenick Dicce
    From £8.39
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  • Parapsychology (Paperback)
    Etzel Cardena, John Palme...
    Many people have experienced unusual or intriguing phenom...
    From £51.00
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  • First Sight (Paperback)
    James C. Carpenter
    Carpenter offers a new way of looking at ESP, telepathy, ...
    From £34.02
  • Edwin C. May, Sonali Bhatt...
    Scholars from around the world collaborate to explain the...
    From £67.56
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  • Under the Hood (Paperback)
    Linda Porter
    From £5.80
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  • Tony Healy, Paul Cropper
    From £25.27
  • Ingrid Fredriksson
    We are made up of 100 trillion cells all of which communi...
    From £49.72
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  • The Evidence for PSI (Paperback)
    Damien Broderick, Ben Goe...
    "Psi" is the term used by researchers for a variety of de...
    From £38.45
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  • Synchronicity (Paperback)
    F. David Peat
    From £11.12
  • Anomalous Cognition (Paperback)
    Edwin C. May, Sonali Bhatt...
    Anomalous cognition (AC) - aka ESP/remote viewing - is de...
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  • Adam J. Rock
    Contemporary parapsychology tends to be preoccupied with ...
    From £38.45
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  • The Nature of Mind (Paperback)
    Douglas M. Stokes
    Western science teaches that our beings are governed by t...
    From £20.21
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