• Designa (Hardback)
    Adam Tetlow, Daud Sutton,...
    From £10.47
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  • Silent Partners (Hardback)
    Jane Munro, Alyce Mahon, ...
    The articulated human figure made of wax or wood has been...
    From £28.93
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  • Degas to Picasso (Paperback)
    Colin Harrison
    Including previously unpublished material and many works ...
    From £17.64
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  • The Book of the Dog (Paperback)
    Angus Hyland, Kendra Wilson
    Featuring all kinds of dogs big, small, graceful, cute, f...
    From £8.20
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  • Germany (Hardback)
    Neil MacGregor
    Over the years, a new German state came into being.
  • Mikhail Piotrovsky, Hermit...
    The Hermitage in St Petersburg is one of the great museum...
    From £94.91
    Save £80.09
  • African Art (Hardback)
    Ezio Bassani
    A study of African traditional figurative arts that refle...
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  • Marjorie L. Caygill
    The British Museum is the most magnificent treasure-house...
    From £15.78
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  • Kevin L. Stayton, Anne Pa...
    Located in the heart of King's County, the Brooklyn Museu...
    From £10.17
  • Rosemary Shirley
    The rural idyll is a powerful force in the British nation...
    From £11.24
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  • Originally published in 1905, Bosanquet's translation of ...
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  • Janet E. Snyder
    Richly illustrated, Early Gothic Column-Figure Sculpture ...
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  • Broad Strokes (Hardback)
    Bridget Quinn
    Gorgeously illustrated with beautiful reproductions of th...
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  • Face and Mask (Hardback)
    Hans Belting, Thomas S. H...
    "First published in Germany under the title Faces: Eine G...
    From £27.58
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  • Louise Mirrer
    Founded in 1804, the New-York Historical Society is New Y...
    From £10.12
  • Sarah Burnage, Dr Jason ...
    The British School of Sculpture is the first essay collec...
    From £74.34
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  • A Magic World (Hardback)
    Molly Emma Aitken
    From £21.84
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  • Marin Sullivan
    Sculptural Materiality in the Age of Conceptualism is str...
    From £73.06
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