Liberalism & centre democratic ideologies

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  • Trouble in Paradise (Hardback)
    Prof. Slavoj Zizek
    Setting out to diagnose the condition of global capitalis...
  • Psychopolitics (Paperback)
    Byung-Chul Han
    Exploring how neoliberalism has discovered the productive...
    From £7.44
    Save £2.55
  • Melinda Cooper
    An investigation of the roots of the alliance between fre...
    From £17.74
    Save £7.21
  • Laurence Cox, Alf Gunvald ...
    A rethinking of popular political movements, this book lo...
    From £13.97
    Save £9.02
  • William Davies
    An engaged and impassioned exploration of the extent to w...
    From £22.75
    Save £7.24
  • Realm of Lesser Evil (Paperback)
    Jean-Claude Michea
    Unravelling the logic that lies at the heart of the liber...
    From £13.29
    Save £2.70
  • David Harvey
    Writing for a wide audience, Harvey here tells the politi...
    From £9.07
    Save £0.93
  • Orange Book (Paperback)
    David Laws, Paul Marshall
    Leading Liberal Democrats re-examine traditional Liberal ...
  • Liberalism and Empire (Paperback)
    Uday Singh Mehta
    Shedding light on a fundamental tension in liberal theory...
    From £18.14
    Save £7.36
  • The Zad and NoTAV (Paperback)
    Mauvaise Troupe, Kristin ...
    Vivid account of two struggles that are at the heart of t...
    From £10.41
    Save £4.58
  • Charlotte Heath-Kelly, Chr...
    Terrorism and neoliberalism are connected in multiple, co...
    From £29.71
    Save £7.28
  • Toby Carroll, Darryl Jarvis
    Markets and Development presents a series of critical con...
    From £29.71
    Save £7.28
  • William R. McKercher
    This book, first published in 1987, aims to characterise ...
    From £24.38
    Save £5.61
  • Thomas Mulligan
    Like American politics, the academic debate over justice ...
    From £88.15
    Save £26.85
  • The Reformer (Hardback)
    Stephen F. Williams
    Besides absolutists of the right (the tsar and his adhere...
    From £18.63
    Save £3.36
  • Republic in Peril (Hardback)
    David C. Hendrickson
    In Republic in Peril, David Hendrickson sees a threat to ...
    From £21.60
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  • Kenneth D. Brown
    Major new biography of forgotten Victorian politician
    From £39.63
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  • Panarchy (Paperback)
    Aviezer Tucker, Gian Piero...
    Panarchy is a normative political meta-theory that advoca...
    From £29.71
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