• Heydrich (Hardback)
    Max Williams
    Heydrich was determined to succeed at every challenge he ...
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  • Fascism (Hardback)
    Madeleine Albright
    The #1 NYT BESTSELLER A personal a...
    From £11.82
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  • No Ordinary Men (Paperback / softback)
    Elisabeth Sifton, Fritz S...
    From £9.04
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  • The Nazi Occult (Paperback)
    Kenneth Hite, Darren Tan
    Tells the history of the Nazi occult programs, from their...
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  • Robert Hutton
    Revealed for the first time, the astonishing full story o...
    From £14.65
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  • Travellers in the Third Reich (Paperback / softback)
    Julia Boyd
    The acclaimed history of the rise of the Nazis based on f...
    From £8.07
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  • The Law of Blood (Hardback)
    Johann Chapoutot, Miranda ...
    The scale and depth of Nazi brutality seem to defy unders...
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  • The Shortest History of Germany (Paperback / softback)
    James Hawes
    From £6.84
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  • My Opposition (Hardback)
    Friedrich Kellner, Robert ...
    A unique account of everyday life under the Third Reich a...
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  • Fighting Fascism (Paperback)
    Clara Zetkin
    Presented at a time when fascism was a new and little und...
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  • Federico Finchelstein
    What is fascism and what is populism?
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  • Muriel Spark
    An elegant collector's edition of Muriel Spark's classic ...
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  • Darkness Over Germany (Paperback)
    Amy Buller
    Darkness Over Germany delivers a stark warning from histo...
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  • Martin Winstone
    Martin Winstone provides a unique insight into the occupa...
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  • Robert McCormick
    This is a new account of US foreign policy towards one of...
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  • God And The Fascists (Paperback / softback)
    Karlheinz Deschner
    From £12.91
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  • The Diary Of A Man In Despair (Paperback / softback)
    Friedrich Reck
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  • James Wilson
    This book describes the background to and the development...
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