Religious & theocratic ideologies

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  • Syed Saleem Shahzad
    A unique insight into the post-Osama bin Laden generation...
    From £13.87
    Save £5.12
  • Under the Black Flag (Paperback)
    Sami Moubayed
    The inside account of ISIS, including first-hand accounts...
    From £7.46
    Save £3.53
  • Patrick Cockburn
    The essential "on the ground" report on the fastest growi...
    From £7.97
    Save £2.02
  • John Calvert
    Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966) is considered one of the most inf...
    From £17.73
    Save £9.77
  • Moshe Halbertal, Stephen ...
    New insights into how the Book of Samuel offers a timeles...
    From £26.08
  • Farahnaz Ispahani
    In Purifying the Land of the Pure, Farahnaz Ispahani anal...
    From £17.83
    Save £2.16
  • ISIS (Paperback)
    Fawaz A. Gerges
    The Islamic State has stunned the world with its savagery...
    From £12.62
    Save £2.33
  • Unholy Trinity (Hardback)
    Matt Walsh
    From £13.86
    Save £8.64
  • Mehmet Kurt
    An academic insider's account of the Islamist social move...
    From £37.46
    Save £22.54
  • Religious Secularity (Paperback)
    Naser Ghobadzadeh
    Using Iran as a case study, Ghobadzadeh investigates the ...
    From £17.83
    Save £2.16
  • The Master Plan (Hardback)
    Brian Fishman
    An incisive narrative history of the Islamic State, from ...
    From £15.69
    Save £4.31
  • Mike Hardy, Fiyaz Mughal,...
    Engaging with the 2004 Amman message, which sought to cla...
    From £12.09
    Save £2.90
  • Michael W. S. Ryan
    By consulting the work of well-known and obscure al-Qaeda...
    From £16.54
    Save £6.46
  • Rosine De Bounevialle, Rob...
    From £10.59
    Save £1.41
  • Madalena Meyer Resende
    This book addresses the adaptation of nationalism to the ...
    From £28.17
    Save £6.82
  • Graeme Wood
    A radical rethinking of what ISIS is and what it really w...
  • Maszlee Malik
    The aim of this book is to explore and analyze the Islami...
    From £73.11
    Save £21.89
  • Gaza Under Hamas (Hardback)
    Bjorn Brenner, Magnus Ran...
    Scrutinizes Hamas governance after 2006 to examine how Is...
    From £15.05
    Save £9.95