• Philip Cowley, Robert Ford
    The ultimate, unusual and intriguing guide to the next el...
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  • Project Fear (Paperback)
    Joe Pike
    This is the first in-depth account of what was really hap...
  • What Happened (Hardback)
    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Untitled essays on words to live by.
    From £12.19
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  • Why Vote Green 2015 (Hardback)
    Shahrar Ali
    An essential guide to voting Green in the 2015 General El...
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  • Greg Callus, Iain Dale, D...
    The essential guide to the 2015 general election.
    From £11.40
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  • Dilemmas of Inclusion (Paperback)
    Rafaela M. Dancygier
    "This is a book about contemporary European politics and ...
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  • Tim Carr, Robert Waller, ...
    The Politicos Guide to the New House of Commons 2017 is a...
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  • Everybody Lies (Hardback)
    Seth Stephens-Davidowitz
    Everybody lies, to friends, lovers, doctors, pollsters - ...
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  • David Goodhart
    A robust and timely investigation into the political and ...
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  • Japan Decides 2017 (Paperback)
    Robert J. Pekkanen, Steven...
    With a topical focus and timely coverage of the latest dr...
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  • Brexit and Ireland (Paperback)
    Tony Connelly
    Brexit represents potentially the single greatest economi...
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  • Nic Cheeseman, Brian Klaas
    An engrossing analysis of the pseudo-democratic methods e...
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  • Steve Howell
    Game Changer - Eight Weeks That Transformed British Polit...
    From £9.63
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  • Yes to Europe! (Hardback)
    Robert Saunders
    The first modern history of the 1975 European Referendum,...
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  • Betting the House (Paperback)
    Tim Ross, Tom McTague
    The story of the 2017 general election told by two respec...
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  • The Road to Somewhere (Paperback)
    David Goodhart
    Many Remainers reported waking up the day after the Brexi...
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  • The Lost Majority (Paperback)
    Michael Ashcroft
    Insightful analysis explaining how and why the British vo...
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  • What Happened (CD-Audio)
    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Hillary Clinton reveals what she was thinking during one ...
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