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  • Cast Away (Paperback / softback)
    Jo M Sekimonyo, Tara Casimir
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  • Thomas Piketty
    The main driver of inequality--returns on capital that ex...
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  • Great Britain: Committee on...
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  • Design for Policy (Hardback)
    Christian Bason, Professor...
    Design for Policy charts, for the first time, the emergen...
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  • Social Policy (Paperback)
    Kenneth Blakemore, Edwin ...
    Offers an introduction to developments in social policy a...
  • Bushwhacked (Paperback)
    Molly Ivins
    For all our mockery of America, we are morbidly fascinate...
  • Public Policy (Paperback)
    Wayne Parsons, D.W. Parsons
    This textbook presents an up-to-date introduction to poli...
  • Breadline Britain (Paperback)
    Stewart Lansley, Joanna Mack
    Over the last thirty years national income doubled.
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  • Chris Hedges, Joe Sacco
    Named a Best Book of the Year by Amazon.com and the Washi...
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  • Clyde Chitty
    This text provides a clear overview and assessment of the...
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  • The Enemy within (Paperback)
    Seumas Milne
    Updated thirtieth anniversary edition of the definitive a...
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  • Seeing Like a State (Paperback)
    James C. Scott
    An analysis of diverse failures in high-modernist, author...
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  • Gosta Esping-Andersen
    This text provides a comparative analysis of contemporary...
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  • Laid Low (Paperback)
    Paul Blustein
    From £18.95
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  • Leading Public Design (Paperback)
    Christian Bason
    Drawing on more than a decade of work on public sector in...
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  • Vertical (Hardback)
    Stephen Graham
    A revolutionary reimagining of the cities we live in, the...
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  • John Hudson, Stefan Kuhne...
    This fully updated edition of an essential introductory t...
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  • Debra Hevenstone
    The American Myth of Markets in Social Policy examines ho...
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