• Postcapitalism (Hardback)
    Paul Mason
    Explores how past societies have collapsed or changed, an...
  • Peoplequake (Paperback)
    Fred Pearce
    Wherever we look, population is the driver of the most to...
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    Save £1.99
  • Yemen Endures (Hardback)
    Ginny Hill
    The war in Yemen is finally coming under scrutiny as the ...
    From £16.40
    Save £8.60
  • David Sanders, David Patri...
    Systematically updated to cover developments in the post-...
    From £22.75
    Save £7.24
  • Saudi Arabia (Paperback)
    Paul Aarts, Carolien Roel...
    Two seasoned Saudi-watchers diagnose whether or not the K...
    From £9.60
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  • Eurafrica (Paperback)
    Peo Hansen, Stefan Jonsson
    In order to think theoretically about our global age it i...
    From £17.05
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  • Francis Fukuyama
    If we want to understand the political systems that domin...
    From £9.82
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  • Alexander Anievas, Kerem ...
    A non-Eurocentric, sweeping look at the material conditio...
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  • No Place to Hide (Paperback)
    Glenn Greenwald
    Offers an account of the events documented in Laura Poitr...
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  • Empire of Chaos (Hardback)
    Pepe Escobar
    From £24.03
  • Target China (Paperback)
    F. William Engdahl
    From £11.25
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  • Agnia Grigas, Dr. Neil R...
    The Baltic states share similar histories and resources, ...
    From £22.12
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  • On Anarchism (Paperback)
    Noam Chomsky, Nathan Schn...
    Presents an introduction to the Noam Chomsky's political ...
    From £5.04
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  • The Future (Paperback)
    Al Gore
    Explores the political, social and economic forces that a...
    From £10.52
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  • Stuart Elden
    Territory is one of the central political concepts of the...
    From £18.46
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  • Patrick Iain Chalmers
    From £9.59
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  • Fortress Europe (Hardback)
    Matthew Carr
    An analysis of Europe's 'hard' borders, based on a series...
  • How the World Works (Paperback)
    Noam Chomsky
    With exceptional clarity and power of argument, Noam Chom...
    From £11.62
    Save £3.37