Civil rights & citizenship

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  • Hearts And Minds (Hardback)
    Jane Robinson
    From £14.17
    Save £5.83
  • Dilemmas of Inclusion (Paperback)
    Rafaela M. Dancygier
    "This is a book about contemporary European politics and ...
    From £14.54
    Save £9.46
  • DIY Citizenship (Paperback)
    Matt Ratto, Megan Boler, ...
    How social media and DIY communities have enabled new for...
    From £18.69
    Save £8.31
  • Frans Pennings, Martin Se...
    In addition, the authors discuss the discrepancy between ...
    From £67.99
    Save £27.01
  • Celeste- Marie Bernier
    A groundbreaking bicentenary edition of Frederick Douglas...
    From £11.04
    Save £2.46
  • The Shadow of Selma (Hardback)
    Joe Street
    Provides a comprehensive assessment of the 1965 civil rig...
    From £62.36
    Save £24.59
  • Surveillance Valley (Hardback)
    Yasha Levine
    A visionary intelligence officer, William Godel, realized...
    From £18.77
  • Giorgio Agamben
    This single book brings together for the first time all n...
    From £53.98
    Save £15.02
  • Mohammed Girma, Cristian ...
    Christians living in Muslim-majority states face a diffic...
    From £15.61
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  • Benjamin Bryce, David M. K...
    This edited collection charts the evolving meanings of ci...
    From £26.13
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  • Patricia Mindus
    This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This ...
    From £14.54
    Save £5.46
  • Citizen (Paperback)
    Claudia Rankine
    Winner of the Forward Prize for Best Collection 2015 and ...
    From £6.79
    Save £3.20
  • Miriam Sobre-Denton, Nilan...
    This book engages the notion of cosmopolitanism as it app...
    From £25.93
    Save £6.06
  • No Place to Hide (Paperback)
    Glenn Greenwald
    Offers an account of the events documented in Laura Poitr...
    From £6.79
    Save £3.20
  • Darcus Howe (Paperback)
    Robin Bunce, Paul Field
    This political and intellectual biography of Darcus Howe ...
    From £12.79
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  • Affective Publics (Paperback)
    Zizi Papacharissi
    Over the past few decades, we have witnessed the growth o...
    From £18.64
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  • Noortje Marres
    This book develops a fresh perspective on everyday forms ...
    From £22.77
    Save £7.22
  • Aleksandra Lewicki
    Lewicki examines how current salient discourses of citize...
    From £37.25
    Save £42.74