Freedom of information & freedom of speech

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  • Ben Worthy
    This book explores the implementation of the UK's FOI law...
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  • Speakers' Corner (Paperback)
    Philip Wolmuth
    Many of the photographs, taken on Sunday afternoons stret...
    From £7.99
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  • Censored 2015 (Paperback)
    Andy Roth
    Every year since 1976, Project Censored has produced a To...
    From £8.17
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  • Leo Strauss
    The essays collected in "Persecution and the Art of Writi...
    From £15.16
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  • The Art of Revolt (Paperback)
    Geoffroy de Lagasnerie, Er...
    More than mere whistleblowers, Edward Snowden, Julian Ass...
    From £11.67
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  • Erica Howard
    In recent years, the Danish cartoons affair, the Charlie ...
    From £80.61
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  • Sigal R. Ben-Porath
    From the University of California, Berkeley, to Middlebur...
    From £12.25
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  • Not a Day Care (Hardback)
    Everett Piper
    What has happened to the American spirit?
    From £14.71
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  • Robert Spencer
    From Robert Spencer, the New York Times bestselling autho...
    From £12.55
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  • 100 years on (Paperback)
    Rachael Jolley
    In our latest issue, we look at the impact of the Russia ...
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  • Anarchy (Paperback)
    From £4.99
  • Intellectual Privacy (Paperback)
    Neil Richards
    How should we think about the problems of privacy and fre...
    From £19.07
  • The Blasphemer (Hardback)
    Waleed Al-Husseini
    Like many of his generation, Waleed Al-Husseini began a b...
    From £11.84
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  • Free Speech (Paperback)
    Timothy Garton Ash
    Leading political writer Timothy Garton Ash presents ten ...
    From £8.74
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  • Jane Crow (Hardback)
    Rosalind Rosenberg
    Euro-African-American activist Paulli Murray was a femini...
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  • Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones
    The story of surveillance in Britain and the United State...
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  • Attacks on the Press (Paperback)
    Committee to Protect Journa...
    The latest, definitive assessment of the state of free pr...
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  • Strange Bird (Hardback)
    Michele K. Troy
    The first book about Albatross Press, a Penguin precursor...
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