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  • Project Fear (Paperback)
    Joe Pike
    This is the first in-depth account of what was really hap...
  • Mark Pack, Edward Maxfield
    This book reveals the secrets and skills you need to take...
    From £13.03
  • Arron Banks
    Arron Banks's full, unexpurgated account of the successfu...
    From £10.60
    Save £8.39
  • Democracy for Hire (Hardback)
    Dennis W. Johnson
    This book is a history of political consulting in America...
    From £31.05
  • Vladimir N. Brovkin
    Countering the powerful myth that the civil war in Russia...
    From £151.89
  • The Persuaders (Paperback)
    James Garvey
    An eye-opening expose of the men and women who change our...
    From £5.37
    Save £3.62
  • Buying the Vote (Paperback)
    Robert E. Mutch
    Buying the Vote: A History of Campaign Finance Reform an...
    From £17.13
  • Dancing in Damascus (Paperback)
    Miriam Cooke
    On March 17, 2011, many Syrians rose up against the autho...
    From £18.98
    Save £4.01
  • Heather Savigny
    This major international text introduces the key themes, ...
    From £25.01
  • Multiple Injustices (Hardback)
    R. Aida Hernandez Castillo
    Synthesizes R.
    From £44.66
    Save £14.84
  • Gianluca Giansante
    This book provides research findings and practical inform...
  • Framing War (Paperback)
    Francesco Olmastroni
    Most research on framing has focused on media and elite f...
    From £20.51
    Save £4.48
  • Our Revolution (Hardback)
    Bernie Sanders
    'Bernie Sanders has changed US politics forever' Owen Jon...
    From £10.89
    Save £4.10
  • Political Internet (Hardback)
    Biju P R
    This book investigates the Internet as a site of politica...
    From £73.06
    Save £21.94
  • H. W. Wilson
    In the run-up to the 2016 national election, many issues ...
    From £58.12
    Save £22.83
  • Emanuela Lombardo
    What is symbolic representation?
    From £28.17
    Save £6.82
  • Alexandros Kioupkiolis, Gi...
    The 'Arab spring', the Spanish indignados, the Greek agan...
    From £28.17
    Save £6.82
  • Raised to Rage (Paperback)
    Michael A. Milburn, Sheree...
    Politicians routinely amplify and misdirect voters' anger...
    From £9.87
    Save £3.08