• Propaganda (Paperback)
    Edward Bernays
    With politics taking centre stage due to the US president...
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  • David Clampin
    The 'blitz' - the period of Nazi bombing campaigns on c...
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  • James Wilson
    This book describes the background to and the development...
    From £11.26
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  • Munitions of the Mind (Paperback)
    Philip M. Taylor, Peter L...
    This text traces how propaganda has formed part of the fa...
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  • The 'Hitler Myth' (Paperback)
    Ian Kershaw
    Few twentieth-century political leaders enjoyed greater p...
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  • Jeffrey K. Tulis, Russell ...
    Modern presidents regularly appeal over the heads of Cong...
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  • Enough Said (Paperback)
    Mark Thompson
    Political rhetoric has become stale and the mistrust of p...
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  • Hate Spin (Paperback)
    Cherian George
    In the United States, elements of the religious right fue...
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  • Timothy P. Collins
    This book illuminates, and ultimately defends, attitudina...
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  • Serge Chakotin
    First published in French in 1939, and later in English i...
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  • Joanna Wojdon
    Textbooks as Propaganda analyses post-Second World War Po...
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  • Post-Truth (Paperback)
    James Ball
    The first guide to the buzzword of 2017 from award-winnin...
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  • Mirna Zakic
    A study of the German minority in the Serbian Banat durin...
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  • Crystallizing Public Opinion (Paperback / softback)
    Edward Bernays
    From £9.93
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  • The First Holocaust (6) (Paperback / softback)
    Don Heddesheimer, Germar ...
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  • Story of War (Paperback)
    Anna Maria Forssberg
    The endless wars of the seventeenth century took their to...
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  • The Persuaders (Paperback)
    James Garvey
    An eye-opening expose of the men and women who change our...
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  • Kamil Demirhan, Derya Cak...
    Presents the latest information on national and internati...
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