• Propaganda (Paperback)
    Edward Bernays
    With politics taking centre stage due to the US president...
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  • David Welch
    In this book, the leading historian of propaganda present...
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  • David Clampin
    The 'blitz' - the period of Nazi bombing campaigns on c...
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  • James Wilson
    This book describes the background to and the development...
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  • Munitions of the Mind (Paperback)
    Philip M. Taylor, Peter L...
    This text traces how propaganda has formed part of the fa...
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  • The Hitler Myth (Paperback)
    Ian Kershaw
    This study of the myth that sustained one of the most not...
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  • Marcelline Block
    This is the first volume specifically devoted to non-fict...
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  • Democracy for Hire (Hardback)
    Dennis W. Johnson
    This book is a history of political consulting in America...
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  • Xiaomei Chen
    Staging Chinese Revolution surveys fifty years of theatri...
    From £54.46
  • Oron James Hale
    Using interviews of Nazi officials and German publishers,...
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  • Frederick Charles Barghoorn
    Individual sections of this significant work have been ed...
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  • Pen for a Party (Hardback)
    Phillip Harth
    Exploring the political climate during the final years of...
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  • Bruce Lannes Smith, Harold...
    "The most comprehensive bibliography yet published in the...
    From £149.54
  • Books as Weapons (Paperback)
    John B. Hench
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  • Barbara Mittler
    Cultural Revolution Culture, often denigrated as pure pro...
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  • Emma Briant
    A unique account of British and United States government'...
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  • Richard Denham, Steve Har...
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  • Hate Spin (Hardback)
    Cherian George
    In the United States, elements of the religious right fue...
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