Political assassinations

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  • David Ferrie (Paperback)
    Judyth Vary Baker, Jesse ...
    From £14.15
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  • Betrayal (Paperback)
    Hugh Clark, William Matson...
    From £11.73
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  • Twenty-Six Seconds (Hardback)
    Ms. Alexandra Zapruder
    The moving, untold family story behind Abraham Zapruder's...
    From £15.20
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  • Serhii Plokhy, Clive Chafer
    From £17.36
  • A Radical Faith (Hardback)
    Eileen Markey
    On a hot and dusty December day in 1980, the bodies of fo...
    From £14.47
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  • Gaeton Fonzi, Marie Fonzi
    Gaeton Fonzi's masterful retelling of his work investigat...
    From £14.27
  • Killing a King (Paperback)
    Dan Ephron
    A riveting story about the murder that changed a nation: ...
    From £9.91
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  • Bill Sanderson
    An in-depth look at one of the twentieth century's star r...
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  • Fred Rosen, Hank Garfield
    Shortly after being elected president of the United State...
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  • Alan Haynes
    Every child has heard of Guy Fawkes and will most likely ...
    From £4.48
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  • Reclaiming Parkland (Paperback)
    James Di Eugenio, Oliver ...
    New foreword by J.F.K. director Oliver Stone Reclaiming P...
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  • Gayle Nix Jackson
    Orville Nix is not the typical JFK assassination book.
    From £16.59
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  • The Poison Patriarch (Paperback)
    Mark Shaw
    "An unusual route into the thicket of JFK conspiracy lite...
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  • Jeremy Scahill, Edward Sn...
    In this shocking expose of the US government's drone prog...
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  • In the Eye of History (Mixed media product)
    William Matson Law
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  • Vincent Michael Palamara
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  • Patrick Nolan, Henry C. Lee
    "Readers who can't get enough of speculation about the JF...
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  • November 22, 1963 (Paperback)
    Dean R. Owen, Helen Thomas
    Gripping, personal stories about the life and death of Pr...
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