• My Gopro Hero Camera (Paperback)
    Jason R. Rich
    "Covers all models of GoPro HERO, HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO...
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  • Ryan Trecartin (Hardback)
    Linda Norden, Lauren Cornell
    Borne of the internet age, Ryan Trecartin is critically d...
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  • River and Road (Hardback)
    Jared Beck, Pamela Miner
    Provides a visual and narrative history of the architectu...
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  • Video Shooter (Hardback)
    Barry Braverman
    "Show me a world I haven�t seen before!" These words fr...
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  • Luis Fernando Morales Morante
    Editing and Montage in International Film and Video prese...
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  • My GoPro Hero5 Camera (Paperback)
    Jason R. Rich
    Step-by-step instructions with callouts to the GoPro HERO...
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  • Des Lyver
    Video production requires a high degree of organization t...
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  • Greg Borzo, Geoffrey Baer...
    Most people do not realize it, but Chicago is home to man...
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  • Jim Owens
    This new edition of the Video Production Handbook walks s...
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  • Jim Owens
    This new edition of the Video Production Handbook walks s...
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  • Peter Ward
    Basic Betacam Camerawork offers a complete introduction t...
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  • Paul Martingell
    Location filming is growing in popularity with the abunda...
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  • Peter Ward
    Studio and outside broadcast is often done with more than...
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  • Placing Shadows (Hardback)
    Chuck Gloman, Tom Letourneau
    A mix of theory and practical applications, Placing Shado...
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  • Lonely Planet
    From the world's leading travel guide publisher comes Lon...
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  • Videomaker
    From the editors of Videomaker Magazine comes this new ed...
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  • Embracing Cuba (Hardback)
    Byron Motley
    Award-winning photographer Byron Motley travelled to Cuba...
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  • How Video Works (Hardback)
    Diana Weynand, Vance Piccin
    Previous editions authored by Marcus Weise, Diana Weynand.
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