• The Atlantic Wall (No. 3) (109) (Paperback)
    Steven J. Zaloga, Adam Hook
    Tells the story of defensive lines in Europe in World War...
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  • Neil Short, Adam Hook
    The East Wall was where the final battles for the stricke...
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  • Bernard Lowry
    Taking a close look at the array of defences that Britain...
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  • Charles Stephensen, Steve ...
    The Island of Malta occupies a pivotal position in the Me...
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  • World War I Trench Warfare (Pt.1) (No.78) (Paperback)
    Stephen Bull, Adam Hook
    The years from 1914 to 1918 saw a whole series of complex...
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  • David Nicolle
    The very name El Cid sums up much of the special characte...
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  • Stephen Turnbull, Steve Noon
    The most famous example of fortification in the world, th...
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  • The Maginot Line 1928-45 (No. 10) (Paperback)
    William Allcorn, Chris Ta...
    An exploration of the history, evolution, military archit...
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  • Ashigaru 1467-1649 (No. 29) (Paperback)
    S.R. Turnbull, Howard Ger...
    The Ashigaru were the foot soldiers of old Japan.
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  • Left of Bang (Paperback)
    Steven Pressfield
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  • J W Fortescue
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  • Engineers of Victory (Paperback)
    Paul Kennedy
    Offers an account of how the tide was turned against the ...
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  • Paul Williams
    Tells the history of the Nazi's great fortification along...
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  • Christopher Tuck
    "This textbook provides a thorough grounding in the vocab...
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  • Bob Carruthers
    This book is part of the Eastern Front from Primary Sourc...
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  • Scapa Flow (No. 85) (Paperback)
    Angus Konstam, Peter Dennis
    A strategically important natural harbor in the Orkney Is...
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  • The Stalin and Molotov Lines (No. 77) (Paperback)
    Neil Short, Adam Hook
    By the time of the outbreak of World War II, the defences...
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  • The Art of War (Paperback / softback)
    Sun Tzu, Sun Zi, Professo...