• Bouko de Groot, Gerry Emb...
    Throughout the 16th Century, the Spanish had an aura of i...
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  • Nigel Thomas, Johnny Shumate
    Given the merciless way in which the war on the Eastern F...
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  • The Varangian Guard 988-1453 (No. 459) (Paperback)
    Raffaele D'Amato, Giu...
    The Varangian Guards were Viking mercenaries who operated...
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  • The British Army since 2000 (202) (Paperback)
    James Tanner, Peter Dennis
    Traces the major transformations in British Army doctrine...
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  • French Dragoons (Paperback)
    Ludovic Letrun
    According to Pere Daniel the Dragoon corp got its origins...
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  • The Tanks (Hardback)
    Charles Messenger
    The Royal Tank Regiment through the last third of the Col...
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  • Wellington's Peninsula Regiments (v. 2) (No. 400) (Paperback)
    Mike Chappell
    This work contains new research into the uniforms and ins...
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  • Blue Division Soldier 1941-45 (No. 142) (Paperback)
    Carlos Caballero Jurado, R...
    Narrates the experiences of a common soldier, exploring t...
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  • John Barratt
    The story of the Royalist Northern Horse and its campaign...
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  • E R Hill The Earl of Rosse
    Reprint of classic WW2 Divisional history.
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  • Gordon L. Rottman, Mark S...
    The parachute infantry regiments were among the most high...
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  • Nicholas Sekunda, Peter D...
    The death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC threw the Mace...
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  • Chindit 1942-45 (No. 136) (Paperback)
    Tim Moreman, Peter Dennis
    The Chindits were a specially organized, equipped and tra...
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  • Queen Victoria's Highlanders (No. 442) (Paperback)
    Stuart Reid, Gerry Embleton
    As the British Empire dominated every corner of the globe...
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  • Wellington's Peninsula Regiments (v. 1) (No. 382) (Paperback)
    Mike Chappell
    The famously hard-fighting Irish regiments of the British...
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  • Napoleonic Imperial Guardsman (No. 22) (Paperback)
    Philip J. Haythornthwaite
    Napoleon's Imperial Guard was one of the most famous mili...
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  • Jens Pank Bjerregaard, Lar...
    Reproduces a huge number of previously unpublished photog...
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  • Stewart Mitchell
    The surrender of the 51st Highland Division at St Valery ...
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